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Iced Raspberry Tereré Mate Latte

Iced Raspberry Tereré Mate Latte

By: Kenna Allison

As the sun begins to set on another glorious summer and autumn quickly approaches, there is no better way to savor the dog days of summer than with a refreshing treat. So today we're bringing you the low down on creating an easy drink that will surely tickle you pink and leave you feeling extra sunshiny. Grab a bottle of Raspberry Tereré and join us in bidding summer farewell in style!


  • 1 bottle of Raspberry Tereré
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • Yerba mate ice cubes
  • 2 pints of fresh raspberries
  • 1/2 cup of sweetener of choice (organic cane sugar or raw honey worked best for us)

*Makes approx. 2x 8oz drinks
*Adjust ingredients based on taste + dietary preference


    1. First, make the raspberry puree. In a small saucepan, add the raspberries and sweetener of choice. Cook over low heat for about five minutes or until berries are slightly softened.
    2. Transport the cooked berries and sweetener to a bowl and mash into a paste. If you want a smoother puree, add your berry and sweetener mixture to a food processor or other vessel to blend, and blend until smooth.
    3. In a glass, layer your raspberry puree on the bottom or you can drizzle it along the sides. Get creative and paint your jar as you like!
    4. Fill the glass with yerba mate ice cubes. We simply froze an ice tray of Raspberry Tereré in advance but regular ice cubes work fine, too.

  1. Now fill your glass halfway with Raspberry Tereré.
  2. Swirl coconut milk on top.
  3. Stir, garnish, sip + come to life!

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