Become an Ambacebador

If you love pursuing your passions with friends & yerba mate, we invite you to be part of the growing Guayakí Yerba Mate community.

A tradition of sharing rooted in South America

In South American yerba mate culture, a cebador (seb-a-door), refers to the person who shares a yerba mate gourd, generally in a circle, with friends and family.

Meet the faces building a movement

Inspired by cebador tradition, Ambacebador will connect you with the brand as well as other Guayakí enthusiasts who have similar interests and values. It’s a place to share, connect, be seen, and be valued.

  • Ever Prishkulnik

    “Being an Ambacebador means so much more than just loving these yellow cans. When we share yerba mate, we strive to make genuine connections with those around us and make the world a better place for it. The friends and connections I have made through Ambacebador have truly changed my life.”

  • Xavier Brown

    “My favorite thing about being an Ambacebador is meeting new people from all over who share the same excitement and passion about yerba mate. I have made so many amazing and close relationships with many people in this community and honestly, it feels much more like a family.”

  • Isabelle Hale

    “Being an Ambacebador is being part of a community that's gathered around a shared joy. Everyone is welcome and invited with open arms. My favorite thing about being an Ambacebador is the community around it online and in person. Being an Ambacebador has allowed me to befriend people that would drive hours to an in person meet up and or just hop online to laugh together!”


Join the Movement

If you are interested in joining this fun and passionate community, we would love to hear from you.