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Come To Life with Guayakí Co-founder, Michael

Come To Life with Guayakí Co-founder, Michael "don Miguel" Newton

“I found that the road was conducive to my lifestyle…rather than trying to read about these communities online I thought, let’s just show up and get to know people."

– donMiguel

If you've seen our team out in the field, chances are you've shared a mate with our co-founder, donMiguel! Yep, he's the ray of sunshine often spotted at our Guayakí activations, always present with a vibrant smile and impeccable hospitality.

Michael Newton aka donMiguel has been serving up mate and traveling with Guayakí since the very beginning. Tune in as the past 25 years of Guayakí are recounted through the stories of this beloved cebador! Fill up your gourd and hit play above.

Don Miguel Guayaki