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Come To Life with Guayakí Co-Founder, Alex Pryor

Come To Life with Guayakí Co-Founder, Alex Pryor

Guayakí Co-Founder, Alex Pryor

"Since my early memories, I could smell yerba mate being poured into the gourd by my mother when I was raised in Argentina. Yerba mate was always a symbol of hospitality and friendship." ~ Alex Pryor


Guayakí wouldn't be here today without our co-founder, Alex Pryor! Alex moved to California during his college days with duffle bags full of nothing but clothes & yerba mate. It was at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University where he first introduced yerba mate to his community, and the rest was history. Alex is a busy man to this day, leading our regenerative efforts and a loving father of five, but we got a moment to catch him in the South Atlantic Rainforest in Argentina to chat about his incredible journey with Guayakí. Grab a gourd and tune in.