Yerba Mate Ice Cubes

Never dilute your Guayaki again with these zesty yerba mate ice cubes

Recipe & photos by Kenna Allison

Spring is finally here, and as it begins to warm up many of us will swap out our warm mugs with something cool and refreshing. When it comes to yerba mate there are many ways to consume the powerful plant. From loose leaf to the many flavors of Guayaki’s family product line, yerba mate is the ultimate fuel for powering us through the longer days. To keep things cool and your mate from getting watered down with regular ice cubes I’m here to show you how to whip up some fun and visually pleasing yerba mate ice cubes that are the perfect addition to any yerba mate drink.


– Brewed Yerba Mate (You can use loose leaf mate or mate bags- amount determined by how many ice cubes you’ll be making and the desired strength of your brew)

– Edible flowers or fresh herbs

– Citrus Peels

– Hole Punch

– Ice Cube Trays


1. Brew your yerba mate in a french press or other preferred method. For making ice cubes with decorative additives like edible flowers or your citrus confetti, you will want to make a weaker brew so that the darkness of the mate doesn’t hide your ingredients. Allow your mate to cool to room temperature.

2. If making plain yerba mate ice cubes, pour your cooled mate into the ice cube trays and let freeze for 3-8 hours.

Citrus Confetti:

Gather the peels of the citrus you want to use- I chose orange, lemon, and lime for the multi-colors. Remove as much of the inside fruit from the peel as possible.

Using your hole punch cut out as many “confetti” tabs as you can from the peels.

Toss them in a bowl or container of choice to mix them all together.

For making ice cubes with visual additives, you’ll want to freeze in layers so your ingredients will be evenly dispersed throughout the cube. Start by filling the cube part way with your yerba mate and place your flowers, citrus confetti, or other ingredients on top.

Freeze for 3-8 hours and repeat the steps until your ice cubes are whole.

4. Pop out your ice cubes and add to a glass of your Guayaki yerba mate- either a home brew or the perfect additive to any of the can/bottled flavors.

Come to life + enjoy!


You can purchase our organic loose leaf yerba mate at Patagonia Provisions.