The Soil Story with Pashon Murray

“Right now there’s too much carbon in our atmosphere. But carbon is not the enemy, it’s the building block of life. Everything alive is made of carbon, it’s us. The problem and the solution are a simple matter of balance.” – Pashon Murray of Detroit Dirt

The Soil Story from Kiss the Ground is an open-source media project about the global carbon cycle that’s free to use for educational purposes. It’s designed to be to be the voice for a movement of regeneration that shares a new global story about humans and how we can heal the planet.

If you have a camera and editing software, you can make your own Soil Story! Kiss the Ground has included everything you need to make your own, including the After Effects project to translate the captions into your language.

As Pashon explains, “our health, the health of the soil and the health of the planet are one and the same.”