The Power of Plants: A Conversation with Argentine muralist KOKON

Argentine muralist Daniel Ephraim, internationally known as KOKON, has been praised for his colorful nature-inspired art. He describes his floral work, which ranges from urban murals to custom painted furniture, as capturing “gradient[s] of a sunrise with uncountable tones branching out to the unlimited shades of [foliage].”

“My relationship with nature, and specifically with plants, leaves, and flowers, is special,” he says. “I feel free and powerful [creating] these designs.”

When it comes to bringing his work to life, street art has a particularly important place in his heart.

“I feel that street art has this enormous opportunity to enhance the environment and make people feel [a range of emotions], especially in dense urban places with dull walls,” he says. “It breaks the monotony of everyday life.”

Come To Life is excited to be collaborating with KOKON on various projects in South America, including installations at Guayakí events and at the properties of mutual friends. Keep up with KOKON’s journey online at and on his Instagram at @kokonoficial.