The Collaborator Project

25 years of Guayakí community! How did we get so lucky? We’ve traveled far and wide sharing the gift of yerba mate with millions of unique and inspiring humans. As you can imagine the characters are countless and the vibrant stories as eccentric as they are grounded in our philosophy of “connect and serve”. Along the journey we’ve made amazing friendships and have had the opportunity to collaborate with more people than we ever imagined when we first started this regenerative adventure.




The last year has given us plenty of time to reflect on the past while embracing the present and envisioning the future. What we’ve collectively seen is that our extended community of friends, family, cebadores, ambacebadores, collaborators, partners, and cohorts is almost too good to be true. The amount of gratitude and appreciation we have for the community that has co-created the Guayakí brand stirs up emotions that are difficult to translate into words.


Al Howard


Now here we are today, announcing the launch of a new series, called Collaborator Project! The vision is to celebrate our community with episodes that explore peoples’ aspirations, passions, and projects with integrity. It’s an honor to share the stories of the creatives, artists, musicians, activists, athletes, students, and professionals that use yerba mate to fuel their dreams. Over the coming months we will be releasing periodic episodes covering a wide array of people, places, and topics.




If you’re interested in being featured, please visit the “Join Our Community” page here on our website to inquire about joining our Collaborator and/or Ambacebador Networks.


Fantastic Negrito


We’re very excited to shine the spotlight on people who are showing up for themselves and their communities.