The Collaborator Project: The Hill Street Country Club

Ever wanted to leave a lasting impression on your community in a beautiful and impactful way? The Hill Street Country Club does just that. In this latest episode of The Collaborator Project, founders Dinah Poellnitz and Margaret Hernandez from Oceanside, CA show us what it means to give the youth a voice through art while combating gentrification.

Change is inevitable these days, but it also has a way of reminding people of the things they love and cherish within their community. The mural project at the core of this episode shows how civic identity can adapt to ongoing change in creative and artistic ways. Ways that are empowering and help retain the special connection to the place they call home. These murals bring vibrant colors to blank walls with memories and emblems that serve as reminders to future generations, as well as to new residents, of what the heart and soul of the neighborhood is founded on. Tributes to immigrant farm workers, street vendors, and other cultural icons serve as reminders of why history is more than a memory, it is a powerful tool that enables us to adapt and thrive in evolving circumstances.

The inspiring work that the team at The Hill Street Country Club is doing is at the forefront of a movement to put art into everyone’s hands regardless of socio-economic conditions and systemic conditioning. Their objective is to let all members of the community know, regardless of age and ethnicity, that they too can be artists. That access to art for people of color is a human right. That they can embrace the need to be who they are while learning skills like navigating city council and bringing a community project concept to fruition. This work goes to show how community members can embrace change while staying connected to their relationship with the people and place they call home.

Come along with The Hill Street Country Club and The Collaborator Project: Episode 4 to unlock some serious creative inspiration!



We extend deep gratitude to The Hill Street Country Club team and all of the artists who are contributing to this project.



Footage by: Astrid Gonzales of The Hill Street Country Club

Edited by: Oliver Fredericksen

Mural Project Photos: James Guerrero


Michelle Guerrero – muralist

Chloe Becky – muralist

Daniel Toledo – muralist

Paulina – student artist

Elvis Sevilla – student artist

Lore Solano Ruiz – student artist