The Collaborator Project: Crashboys International

What does it mean to be a part of Crashboys International? That’s what we wanted to find out for this episode of The Collaborator Project. The Crashboys crew taught us that each crash in life comes with a lesson and every adversity is an opportunity to ascend to new heights. When we recover from these crashes together, the further we can all succeed, rise up to new heights, and bring out the best in one other.

How far do the Crashboys want to go? All the way up! We joined in on their west coast tour for a Bay Area takeover, where ride outs were hosted in Santa Cruz, Oakland and San Francisco. But it doesn’t end there – The Crashboys are going to keep pushing this Bike Life movement forward.

By building community, defining a new sport, and making new friends along the way, they’re about to take this ride out global. These ambitions may take years of hard work that come with falling down and picking yourself back up, but WE ARE HERE FOR IT! Big thanks and shoutout to Crashboys International as we have nothing but gratitude to be a part of your journey.



Tune in and enjoy The Collaborator Project: Episode 3, a rad ride full of wheelies, lay backs & swerves – all powered by yerba of course.



Shot & edited by: JRTheDirector, Søren Björson & Oliver Fredericksen