The Collaborator Project: Ambré

Staying true to her roots from NOLA to LA

For Episode 5 of The Collaborator Project, we’re diving into the life and creative process of singer, songwriter, and producer, Ambré.

The Collaborator Project: Ambré

It’s always inspiring to discover an artist’s journey, from where they started to how it’s going. The Guayakí team linked up with Ambré to get to know her beginnings, the creative process behind her new EP & music video collection, and the legacy that she’s continuing to build.

Currently signed to Roc Nation, Ambré has collaborated with artists such as Kehlani and co-wrote songs for H.E.R.’s 2017 self-titled album (which was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards). Ambré recently released 3000°, a beautiful new EP that reflects on love, loyalty, and the path of following her dreams.


Honoring her deeply seeded roots in New Orleans, engaging with her beloved community, and seeking new ways to “always be a student” are just some of many ways Ambré comes to life as a multidisciplinary artist.


Grab a yerba mate and tune into The Collaborator Project: Episode 5 featuring Ambré.


Video footage: child. and Ambré’s personal archives

Animations & edit: Oliver Fredericksen

Photos: Laiken Joy