The Collaborator Project: Alfred Howard

A Lyrical Mastermind

Throughout history, many great works of art, music, and prose have been created during the tumultuous eras that test the interconnection of people across the planet. At Guayakí, we see that beyond this polarizing moment in time, the creative spirit of people pursuing their passions can transcend the divisiveness.

Through various crafts and outlets, we can utilize the creative energy of self-expression and collectively tap into the beauty that unites us all in our own unique ways. As you may have heard recently, we are excited to kick off our new “Collaborator Project” series today, starting with the ever-legendary, Alfred Howard. We’d like to introduce him with this piece and invite you to tune in for a short film about Alfred to follow.


Meet Alfred Howard. Some of you may remember him from past collaborations with Guayakí and we’re back today to spotlight “Alfred Howard Writes”. We first heard about this grand endeavor while we were working with Al last year on a reprise of his poem “I Love America” during the contentious 2020 election cycle. Alfred has a way of writing and producing songs unbound by genre while showcasing a remarkable use of language that reflects the human condition in contrast with ongoing global matters.

Expanding upon his own work, additional artists in Al’s community have been invited to share their music and voices through the “Alfred Howard Writes” project, which aims to release 100 new songs over the course of a year. We’ll be meeting more of those folks in the future, but to begin, let’s hear from the man himself.

Sit back, grab a yerba mate, and enjoy the feature as we dive into Alfred’s story and work. We hope this episode resonates with you and we look forward to sharing more stories soon. If you have something unique and original that you’re inspired to share, we invite you to visit the “Join Our Community” page here on our website.

It’s an honor to work with Alfred and his team. Many thanks!

Enjoy the show…