Come To Life Presents | Rising Appalachia | Scale Down Music Video

By the candle light of a cool summer evening, Rising Appalachia gathered by the seaside to sing while their sailboat anchored in the far islands of the Salish sea. The adventures that followed spanned many islands, many farms, and bridged many worlds and hearts. Combining traditional instruments, folk-song, and visions of living gardens and vibrant connections; a merry band of artists embarked on an adventure traveling island to island by sailboat, bringing music and good cheer to farms and communities all across the Coast Salish Seas for the adventure of a lifetime in a story called SEA TO SEED. Sung by Leah and Chloe of Rising Appalachia, “Scale Down” is the second track from the Sea to Seed adventure, and it is with great pleasure that we introduce this song to you.  You will also receive a copy of the first song “Handsome Molly” featuring artists Rising Appalachia & Peia when you complete your download.

“Scale Down” is an original anthemic song, written to bring awareness to so many of the extractive processes that are pillaging our beautiful Southern homelands. It is a song that was originally written for the people of Appalachia as they were undergoing the process of Mountaintop removal. It has grown to speak for many other places and people as a song to remind us all to live a little lighter, step a little gentler, and to scale down our waste. We release it now on Christmas day, to offer a different kind of celebration. One that honors simplicity over gluttony, and creativity in the wake of excess.