Rising Appalachia – Leaf, The Festival That Raised Us.

An artist watches their work up close during creation time and then unleashes it out into the world, never fully knowing where it lives or where its tendrils truly stretch.  That is the magic and mystique of the calling.  Even better though, artists might have the chance to create a wider arc of relationship with a place, a people, and a movement.  Both The LEAF Festival as well as the grounds of Lake Eden itself have proved monumental in the story of Rising Appalachia, having fueled our creativity as young girls, blossoming women, and now seasoned performers.

We could close our eyes and roam those pathways, conjuring up a hundred memories of days spent dancing and singing and roaring with the pulse of the drum. From the age of 1, literally, our family brought us to LEAF to dance and play fiddle and relish the misty mountains we loved so dearly.  From there, we returned year after year, wrecking havoc as young teenagers running through the woods getting into important mischief and eventually coming full circle as mentors, performers, and allies to the festivals growth.  Time is a strange and unharnessed continuum, and its the finest memory of all when you land right back where you started.   ~ Chloe


Video & Photos by Scott Mckibben