Rising Appalachia – Cuckoo Live

This is an old English/Appalachian folk song passed down to us by our mamma, full throttle and rowdy. Performed by many a folk singer throughout the times, we rewrote some of the words to include an homage to our godfather, Whitlock Connah, who was an incredible blues man and a huge influence in our musical life. We sing to his spirit one of the verses of this song, and call in his rowdy heart to carry us home. This video is an acoustic, back-alley duet. The full band single is out TODAY on all platforms, featuring the marriage of the banjo and ngoni, two instruments deeply related by blood, string, and heritage, and the powerful drive of the Irish fiddle. This song calls out all the potency of our full 6 piece, weaving and rocking across genres. Our new album, Leylines, is out May 3rd. ⁣

Leah & Chloe