Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 8 : I Believe in Being Ready Live at the Yuba River

We landed at the Yuba river in Northern California after days down in the south, to return to the fire wrought lands and the beautiful wilds of this region. Our 2 night shows at the Grass Valley Center for the Arts was full of bright eyed souls, and on our afternoon off we sat and sang song on the polished stones and crystal waters of the Yuba River. That striking blue bringing us back into the deep worship of the water element. This song, “I Believe in Being Ready” is an old song, an Appalachian spiritual that tells of hardship and triumph in the face of disaster. Its a song of resiliency. It felt only right to sing such a relevant old song at the edge of a river, near all the lands just torched by fire.

The shows were filled night after night with a tender crowd, ready to swoon and gather together. We convened with old friends and new faces, who came for catharsis after weeks on the ground fighting the flames from literally devouring their homes. Some were more lucky than others.
The energy was palpable, the erratic nature of the element of fire, and we played music to cut through the chaos.
We gather, we sing, we mourn, we fill up, and then we pack up and leave, hopefully leaving each place just a little stronger than before we came.

and onward we go.
to the next watering hole.
to gather the next story.