Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #4 – Biko

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to go home to my little cob house in Bolinas for a night between shows. I drove to the coast lifted by the beautiful energy of Petaluma. I felt the winds rock me and the smoke turned the moon red. I got back to the house. It is such a precious thing to have home…a safe place to fall back on. Now so many people in northern CA are suddenly homeless. Before the fire, I noticed many homeless/house-less young people in the bay. So so many! Some choose that life, though a lot who are mentally ill have no safety net. Nothing safe to fall back to. We are all a part of a great big global village…all connected. In the next 20 years we may see millions of Climate refugees in this country alone. We already have millions of cultural and economic refugees homeless on the streets of America. What is our ability to respond to this great need? I feel personally overwhelmed by the immensity of not the problem but solution. We are going to have to work together and work to build safe shelters. This is both in terms of a physical home, and creating the energy of inclusion that allows one to feel at home in their heart. Safe. Cared for. We can all be a part of creating that here in California and wherever we are.