Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 5 : And We’ll Make A Mighty Roar

The tour wheels on,

gathering steam through kindreds and kinfolk,

friends and compatriots,

game changers and the steady hands

that uplift us along the route.

California has always been such a dynamic meeting place of forward thinkers, innovators, and inspiration points for our whole crew,

enticing us out of the slow south and into a different state of mind and moving.

Our annual migration here each fall is a highlight time and time again.

We continue to keep our eye on these fires and stay up to date on the communities that might need our voice.

Last night, the city of Angels came through with a fierceness.

Arouna Diarra joined us for the first night back from Burkina Faso. We will be excited to have him with us for the rest of the run.

Medicine Tribe crowded in our backstage- on couches and in closets- and laughed us through the night with shared camaraderie in this work.  Nahko, Max, Pato, Mel, Tim, and Justin rolling in deep.

This career has no office, no 4 walls, no 9-5, these folks are our living breathing co-workers/creators/collaborators

and its a honor to walk the walk with them.

So many incredible friends in our activist community came through to be part of the night too. The powerhouses from the Innocence Project came out to share their work in the LA community using DNA testing to investigate (and subsequently release) wrongly convicted prisoners.  Our beloved long time friend Wasfia Nazareen came through and she is a filmmaker, mountaineer (she has summited the 8 highest peaks in the world), activist, women rights advocate, and National Geographic explorer among many many more wild and wonderful things. Deeply honored to have our dear friend James Anderson step in and speak to the camera about his powerful life story and work co-founding the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. His passionate commitment to criminal justice reform is such a deep vein of hope for us all. We had Guayaki in the house armed with our long term crew member Reuben rolled back to join us straight off a 3 day first climb of Yosemite’s El Capitan. And our beloved friend and mentor Maggie Wheeler who co-founded the Golden Bridge Community Choir. The vibes were enormous. Not enough time in a year to have connected with everyone in the room last night.


Additionally, our meet and greet Conversations pre-show have been incredibly rich of story and intimate moments off stage with fans and family that come out early to see and hear a different side of the band.  We have had such a grounding, engaging time brainstorming with each and every person whom comes out, talking activism and family… music and partnership… road weariness and self care… mental health and community engagement.  There are a few more spread out throughout this ALIVE tour.  Come join us if you can. They are such potent moments in our day.

So, it has been deep and raw and real. Every moment touching a thread of humanity and the power to change. We are struck daily by each and every on of your stories. Please keep journeying. Deep gratitude to Syd and Hemmie for their incredible and dedicated eye to be capturing it all.

They are doing such amazing work harnessing and telling these stories.

See more about all this  :  www.BurkinaStrings.com  www.resetlead.com  www.antirecidivism.org www.goldenbridgechoir.com

So what are we doing here
What has been done
What are you going to do about it
When the world comes undone ?
My voice feels tiny
And I’m sure so does yours
But put them together
And we’ll make a mighty roar

-Rising Appalachia