Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #3 Notes from Peteluma and the Wildfires

Sending enormous prayers to the communities engulfed in wildfire in NorCal right now. We spent the last 2 nights hosing down the yards, keeping eye on the burning ridges, and standing guard in the neighborhoods of Santa Rosa, while the residents kept watch on who would evacuate and who would stay. We stayed with dear friends in their home 15 miles from the burning, and continue to send rain soaked invocations to the creatures and people affected.

We are on our way to Santa Barbara and LA for shows this week. Come join us and be a part of our conversations.

The earth is speaking loud and clear right now, and she is shaking her loins firmly.
We got to be resilient and focused in these times.
Look out for one another. We look forward to meeting you.