#RegenerativeMovement – Share Your Story Today.

This summer, Come to Life is sharing stories about urban farmers and their amazing work with earth and community care. Over the month of July, Guayaki Yerba Mate is putting on an event series across New York City. In support of the series, Come To Life is seeking to highlight the voices and work of organizations, influencers, and every day people who are doing what they can to live the #RegenerativeMovement.

We’re excited to work with partners including Women Who Farm, Rob Greenfield, We Are Wildness and others to spread the word. Keep an eye on our blog page where we’re featuring new articles and videos weekly about inspiring leaders in new urban food systems.

Get Involved

We want to hear from you! Share your stories of how you live the #RegenerativeMovement:

  • Submit your answers to a few questions  in this form about your experience in new urban food systems and upload 5-10 photos of you and your work.
  • Post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #RegenerativeMovement for a chance to be featured by Come to Life.

“The #regenerativemovement means building soil and diverse resilient ecosystems with the goal of creating a vibrant, healthy, nature-based culture.” – Solara Gold, @hatchetnseed

“People need models. It’s time to put ideas into practical application. We can do this. We don’t need to wait for anyone’s permission. As the old systems fail, regenerative practice won’t be “alternative” anymore. It will be the only option.” – Rae Hart, @groundculturepdx

“Nature is always surprising in its ability to bounce back. To be regenerative, my community mirrors nature in much of the same way.” – Luz Cruz, @CuirKitchenBrigade

“Plants break down social barriers and people feel encouraged to talk about big issues while touching and smelling unfamiliar plants.” – Marie Viljoen, @66squarefeet

“The #RegenerativeMovement is people coming together for the sake of future generations, paving the way to make their abundance, their lives, their joy available.” @Amber Tamm