Guayakí Global Impact Report

Announcing the Release of the Global Impact Report 2019 for Guayakí Yerba Mate S.P.C.

Guayakí’s Global Impact Report 2019 is now available for reading here!

Una versión en español está disponible aquí.

As a Social Purpose Corporation (S.P.C.), a for-profit corporate governance structure that enables the consideration of societal issues in decision making, we remain committed to reporting on our social and environmental impact goals and performance.

As the Impact Report shows, 2019 was a tremendous year of growth and accomplishment for Guayakí. Our Wreath of Aspirations outlines eight pillars that guide our strategies and targets for achieving regenerative outcomes. We hit 88% of our mission target to steward and restore the Atlantic Rainforest. We also saw strong growth in employees, facilities and fleets occur in our distribution arm, The Yerba Mate Co. Despite our achievements, the Impact Report makes transparent the many challenges for us ahead.

With this look back, we wish to thank our customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and NGO and business partners for contributing to the impacts we collectively achieve. In the midst of the great pause to life as we knew it, let’s use this time to remind ourselves that we are in business not just to produce yerba mate, but also to bring people together in service of a regenerative planet.


Join the regenerative movement. Drink Guayakí.