We have arrived at a time of great opportunity.



While the world around us changes and the future of our social and ecological systems hangs in a delicate balance, now more than ever we believe it is time to let your voice be heard and to take positive action.

As a founding member of the B Corporation network, Guayakí has always taken pride in meeting the highest standards of verifiable social and environmental impact. From working with indigenous communities to regenerate the South American rainforests, to championing voices for social justice, Guayakí always seeks ways to be of service and use business as a force for good.

It is with this goal in mind that Guayakí has chosen to partner with artist and activist Alfred Howard in the release of his potent spoken word piece entitled “I Love America.” While the views expressed in this powerful piece are all his own, we believe in amplifying voices like Alfred’s across the country and want to inspire others to do the same. Our intention is to inspire action and encourage conversations about what we truly love about this beautiful country.

America is as unique and diverse as the millions of people who populate it. We are grateful for this moment in time to issue a call to awareness and encourage all of you to use your voices, take action, and VOTE!

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Spoken word by Alfred Howard – Website // BandCamp


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