Recipe: The Ultimate Adaptogenic Yerba Mate Latte

The ultimate adaptogenic #yerbamate concoction is here, 🍵 🍄 thanks to Amiga Kassia Meador and our friends Four Signmatic! You might be asking yourself what that even means…


Let’s just say it has a ton of amazing superfoods that help the body adapt to stress, keeping you feeling energized and ready to #ComeToLife.



+ Brew 2 tbsp of loose leaf Guayaki Yerba Mate in a tea strainer or French press (alternatively you can use two of Guayaki’s mate tea bags)

+ Add 1 tsp Four Sigmatic mushroom powders to a cup – Kassia is using Chaga & Lions Mane in this recipe

+ Pour yerba mate and stir in the powders well

+ Top off with your favorite creamy milk drink of choice whether plant or animal based

+ Add a dash of honey if you like it sweet

+ Additional super foods to add: cocoa powder, coconut oil, maca, or whatever your heart desires!