Peia : Come Muses, Inspiration, Breath… Change Made Step By Step

The wheel turns as we reap the last of the autumn harvest. A chapter closes in this story of life-long devotion to song, and I commence communion with the muses once more. Here in a cabin in the woods, stirred only by the hum of a hummingbird, drinking at my window….at last time to steady, digest and rest.

Farewell Tour: you brought us so much beauty and magic, Thank you! We wrapped up in the Salish Sea, and kind warmth of Salt Spring community. I could not have asked for a sweeter send off into the stillness of the year to come, and these crisp days and gentle rains are deep nourishment for my road weary soul…

Over the next year I’ll be stepping back from tour life to share my skills on a local level back home in Oregon, and stepping up as director of the Rogue World Ensemble – an Ashland based vocal ensemble focused on building community and cultural awareness through world folk music education and performance. I’m also deeply honored and inspired to be part of birthing the Come To Life Artist Collective, a vision that was first seeded last November in the days surrounding the 2016 US presidential election, and later took root through many conversations, as we traveling by wind and water on the Sea to Seed Tour this May.

I’m deeply inspired by this collective of musical activists and know that we are stronger together, that collaboration is the way forward and that sometimes we have to simplify, in order to amplify the most potent aspects of our work. I know that I’m in a life-long communion with music and song, as my primary tool for social change, remembrance and reverence. And I know that our voices together are louder, our harmonies sweeter.

Come muses, inspiration, breath… change made step by step

Come to Life.