Maple Mate Latte

Awaken from winter hibernation with a reviving drink from the forests of the North & South

maple sap mate latte

Recipe & photos by Cody + Megan of Living Hearth Farm

Springtime in the Northwoods is a beautiful time of year when the natural world begins waking up from a long winter hibernation. We all have these natural rhythms within us as well that are intimately connected to the place we call home. For us northern folk, this is a special time when we can tap into this flow of life by harvesting the sap water from from the Maple trees here at our farm.

With this recipe we celebrate this sacred season by enjoying a delicious warm drink around the hearth that connects this flowing, sweet water from the Maple trees of the northern hardwood forests down to the yerba mate leaves from the rainforest of South America….a maple mate latte with fresh sap right from the tap.

We love savoring this sap fresh before heating & evaporating it into maple syrup. It’s like drinking slightly sweetened water that is incredibly refreshing and also has trace minerals, antioxidants & natural sugar. If you don’t have access to harvesting fresh Maple sap or want to try a great alternative, gather some fresh spring water from a nearby spring which will also make this drink quite refreshing. We also happen to live in the dairyland so delicious local milk isn’t hard to come by, here’s a great resource to find some near you.

Now, onto the recipe!

maple sap mate latte


– 1 1/2 cups fresh Maple sap (or spring water)

– 4 teaspoons Guayakí Traditional Looseleaf yerba mate

– 1/2 cup whole milk (or milk of choice)

– Maple syrup to taste

Makes two 16 oz latte drinks



1. Harvest sap or gather spring water & other ingredients.

maple mate latte

2. Add sap/water, milk & yerba mate to saucepan – then mix everything together with a whisk or spoon.

maple sap mate latte

3. Bring the liquid to a boil and gently whisk the liquid to get a nice froth if desired.

maple sap mate latte

4. Reduce heat and steep yerba mate for 5-10 minutes depending on your taste. Add maple syrup for more sweetness if desired.

maple sap mate latte

5. Strain out the loose leaf mate from the liquid and pour into mugs.

maple sap mate latte

6. Serve warm and enjoy this delicious drink with a friend or loved one!

maple sap mate latte


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