Luke Wallace | Ready for the Revolution

In every corner of the world, people of all ages and backgrounds are bursting at the seams with love, frustration, hope and fear. There is an energetic pressure that is building in the hearts and minds of folks who are ready for a sweeping and fundamental shift in the way humanity exists and progresses. The revolution is one of a shift in consciousness where the global community, through individual realization, awakens to its own interconnected oneness. We as single people can contribute to this global movement by acting radically through love. In other songs I’ve referred to this as Radical Cooperation. This can take the form of community building, creative exploration, random acts of kindness, direct action and demanding recognition and action around Indigenous Rights. Each of our contributions to an earth-based revolution will be unique and I think it’s key to simply ask ourselves what we love to do and how we can apply our skills and passions to the revolution of humanity.

I am ready. Are you?

-Luke Wallace

Luke’s latest album “Us” will be released on March 8th. In the lead up we’ll continue to share short films, music, and articles related to the record. This is a live album that leverages the power of collective singing to highlight the resiliency of eight communities who are standing up for the earth and the land that sustains them. The album’s eight songs were recorded on location all over BC, incorporating hundreds of voices of the actual people fighting to protect their homes. From resistance to the Site C Dam to communities fighting tanker expansion in the Salish Sea, Us tells a story of love and unity through the lens of frontline resistance and progressive action.