Luke Wallace – I Am Not Lost

We recorded I Am Not Lost in Dodge Cove on Digby Island, a small island community of 40 people located across the harbour from Prince Rupert in Tsimshian territory.

4 years ago, A Chinese National Corporation, CNOOC, proposed a giant fracked gas export terminal on Digby Island, which the Canadian federal government approved. The project was called Aurora LNG. The risks posed by this facility were extensive. Most concerning were the threats to air quality for over 12,000 people and the massive emissions associated with fracking.

Instead of giving up, the residents of Digby Island rallied support through environmental assessment processes and media campaigns and through connections with artists and local residents.

Then, poof. On September 14th, 2017, CNOOC announced they would be walking away from Aurora LNG. Publicly, their reason was ‘the current macroeconomic environment”. I would say, similarly to Lelu Island and many other LNG proposals, that a combination of public resistance, direct action and economic delay was the true downfall of LNG along BC’s coast.

As for Dodge Cove, a few of the residents have told me that they are happy to get back in a regular rhythm and to fill their time with the things most people want; family, good seafood and a healthy community.