Interview with Co-Founder of Guayakí, David Karr

Learn more about how social injustice is tied to environmental injustice, the vision behind our Market Driven Regeneration business model, and what it means to COME TO LIFE on and off the yoga mat in David’s books. Thank you Off the Matt for hosting Guayakí in your Spring 2020 workshop!

“It’s been going on for too long…and it’s not like time has sped up the process and people have stopped investing in…this giant industrial military complex, which is marginalizing the environmental and society. That isn’t right. It’s a crime against humanity.”

About Off the Mat Into the World®:

OTM is a collective of educators and activist working in collaboration with global and local leaders to evoke and support grassroots change. OTM’s in-person and online trainings cover topics such as trauma, social justice foundations, connecting passion & purpose, and linking embodied practice with effective social change work.

Graduates of OTM programs have developed skills to work with:
– Organizing and educating people around issues of social justice, food justice, and international humanitarian work
– Vulnerable youth
– Survivors of domestic violence
– Incarcerated people

OTM trainings help prepare people on what their leadership looks like, and how to be effective and responsible in this leadership with an emphasis on self-awareness and self-accountability, using tools such as yoga, meditation, and self-reflection.


Learn more about Guayakí’s Market Driven Regeneration Business Model here.