This spring, we will be heading to Austin for the month of April 2019. Our time will be spent producing music events, community gatherings, interactive art experiences, and action days focused on supporting environmental and social work being done in the area with a special emphasis on helping increase access to aid for local artists in the community.

We will infuse the heart of this already inspiring Texan city with unique and peak experiences that are captured and shared through media while also leaving a positive impact.


I am this, a Shared Virtual Reality nature experience projected in a dome.
Shared VR nature experience.
April 11th – 22nd @ NATIVE
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STS9 music concert
2 nights of Music, Mate & More
 TICKETS April 12th
 TICKETS April 13th
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Austin based band Night Cap music concert
April 19th @ The Parish
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Beats Antique music concert
April 20th @ Stubb’s
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Guayaki Earth day celebration event at Native.
Guayaki Earth Day
April 22nd @ Native
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Celebrate Earth Day by giving trees some TLC!
Tree T.L.C ACTION day
April 24th Webberville Park
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Garden party event in Austin Texas
Swaylo Secret Garden Party
April 28th @ 1102 East
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The importance of art goes beyond its ability to connect and inspire. It is the conduit that spreads important ideas, when barriers are present and words simply are not enough. Unfortunately, many creators are not able to fulfill their fundamental needs.

During our time in Austin we are collaborating with local groups, like the Health Alliance For Austin Musicians, that are truly solutionary in ensuring artists needs are met so they can not only continue to be makers in their community, but movers as well.