This summer, we will be heading to New York City for the entire month of July 2019. Our time will be spent producing music events, community gatherings, interactive art experiences, and action days – all focused on supporting social and environmental work surrounding new urban food systems.

We will infuse the heart of the the Big Apple with unique and peak experiences that empower the regenerative movement, while also leaving a positive impact.



Our current food system is a major contributor to countless social, economic, health and environmental issues we face as a global society. Major U.S. cities sit on top of food deserts. Billions of dollars worth of food produced is discarded, while millions of families struggle with food insecurity. Rainforests are destroyed for cattle ranching and monocrop farming. Delocalization of food requires supply chains that emit enormous levels of greenhouse gases.

Despite these absurdities, our food system has the potential to provide important and viable solutions for social and environmental change. In New York, we will support and connect the community of change-makers who are redefining our relationship with food, exploring new urban food systems, and educating the public on other regenerative paths forward.