DIY: Upcycled Guayakí Garland

Reuse and upcycle your Guayakí cans & bottles to make this festive seasonal decoration

cans on string

Spruce up your holiday decor with this festive, easy, and totally customizable upcycle DIY garland reusing your Guayakí cans + caps! Kenna Allison is giving us the low down on how to make this vibrant DIY come to life…

– 4 or more Guayakí cans
– 10+ Guayakí tereré caps
– Clear fishing line or string
– A nail + hammer (or a drill with a 1/16th drill bit)
– Can opener


1) Start by prepping your cans and caps by puncturing or drilling two small holes evenly on each side. We used a can opener to remove the tops of our cans to make stringing the can easier.

2) Grab your clear fishing line or string and feed through the holes. Create a pattern with a cap:can ratio. We did four caps in-between each cap but you can do more caps in-between to string it out further.

3) Hang up as is with Guayakí only goodies, or spruce up your garland with paint, fairy lights, ribbon, or anything else creative you feel called to add for extra festive flare.

4) String up your garland on your wall, in an entryway, or on a tree and enjoy the sparkle of your labor!