DIY: Guayaki Can Luminaries

Reuse and upcycle your Guayakí cans to bring a warm glow to your winter

Upgrade your recycling game and transform your Guayakí cans into festive luminaries! Kenna Allison shows us how to bring your cans to life below.

– Empty Guayakí cans
– Can opener
– Push pin
– Electric or regular tea light candles


1) Start by cutting the top of your cans off either using a can opener or exacto knife.

2) Figure out what design you want to put into the can. Either follow the dots already on the Guayakí cans, freehand it, or map out a design with a sharpie.

3) Punch out your design using a push pin or small nail to puncture the holes.

4) Wait until nightfall and then drop in your tea light candles to see them shine!

Light up your luminaries each night and come to life!

*Please note electric tea lights are recommended unless your luminaries are on a stable surface away from pets and children. The cans will get hot with the use of a regular candle.