DIY Enlighten Mint

A fan favorite to make straight from the garden

Recipe & photos by Kenna Allison

Cool down and come to life with this easy DIY version of Enlighten Mint to float you through the rest of summer.

We fully get the satisfaction of cracking open a can of ice cold yerba mate. However, with this delicious homemade version of Enlighten Mint, you can whip up a minty fresh mate that’s the same same but different and extra rewarding being you made it yourself!



Making your own version of Guayakí’s canned flavors at home is great for many reasons:

  1. You can control the sweetness and use the sweetener of your choice. Not into the honey that comes in our OG Enlighten Mint? Get creative with maple syrup, stevia, or coconut sugar!
  2. You get to experiment with loose leaf yerba mate.
  3. Aluminum is highly recyclable but swapping out a can here and there for a homemade loose leaf version of your favorite flavor is a great way to reduce your waste footprint.
  4. Loose leaf is easy to travel with and the other ingredients are relatively easy to find, so you’ll never be left Guayaki-less.
    Whether you’re an Enlighten Mint fan, or just looking for a new recipe to prepare your loose leaf yerba mate, keep reading to find out how to make yours!




*Makes two 8oz drinks
*Adjust ingredients based on taste + dietary preference




  1. Fill your french press or desired brewing vessel with your loose leaf yerba mate + mint, and sweetener of choice to taste.
  2. Cover with hot water and let brew for 4 minutes or to desired strength.
  3. Once fully brewed, strain out all plant matter and toss it in your compost.
  4. Let your brew cool for 30-60 minutes before use.
  5. In a glass, add some regular or yerba mate ice cubes and pour over your freshly brewed DIY e-mint.
  6. Squeeze in a little citrus juice.
  7. Stir, garnish, sip + come to life!



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