Crush Walls Street Art Recap.

It’s early fall – the beginning of September to be precise- and all around Denver’s RiNo Art District the sound of rattling spray cans reverberates through the air. The smell of fresh paint perfumes the area and leads groups of people down alleyways adorned with dripping murals that welcome patrons into a huge, open-aired art gallery in the making. We have arrived at CRUSH Wall’s 2018 event.

For nine years CRUSH Walls has been taking art to the streets; placing a focus on local and international artists, and playing a key role in fostering creative expression in the community. Originally begun as a small urban art gathering in the RiNo Art District, CRUSH has continued to grow to include more artists, walls, and experiences with each passing year. In 2018 alone the festival area tripled in size from the 10 block radius that housed the 2017 event. The performance program also expanded alongside the event’s physical dimensions, offering urban sculpture, photography, film screenings, live artist battles, and more.

Come To Life was excited to attend the 2018 event and capture work by a number of incredible artists. Check out our video from the event as well as our photo album here, and head to to find out what’s in store for the 2019 event!