Uniting the Denver Community at Swaylo Nights

Video Original Track: “Return to Breath” by Swayló

In a neighborhood surrounded by construction, the old synagogue that has been reborn as one of Denver’s most unique and intimate venues, Invisible City, is hard to find. Maybe that’s the point….

But once we found our way inside for our partner event Swayló Nights, the space – transformed and hosted by Paul Laurie – was nothing less than majestic. The main floor was open and filled with light by day surrounded by plants and large sculptural art that made this congregational space feel like a Greek outdoor garden. The basement level was transformed into a cozy, dark dance floor with decor collected from all over the world and nooks to invite conversation.

It was the perfect place to gather a bright, young, inspired group of Coloradoans at the beginning of Guayaki’s artist collective’s Come To Life: Colorado event series through food, art, music, and of course, sharing yerba mate.

Swayló Nights offered us all a platform to unite and energize.

Sammy Steen, the founder of BLK MKT productions and longtime Guayaki collaborator, brought many of the special aspects to the floor, teaming up with Noah Kessler De St. Croix of Swaylo Nights to create a conscious nightlife celebration. (Swayló Nights is a program that is activating in Austin and now expanded into Denver as its first market, with plans to take the events global.) Together, we brought inspirational and interactive elements to the night to offer the town a beautiful, communal evening.

The night began with a beautiful intention setting meditation and mezcal tasting led by Lizzie Aguirre who asked us to share what we plan on “letting go and letting in” our lives while passing along Gem & Bolt mezcal. The meaningful group sharing allowed the crowd to be introduced to one another in a deeper way that set a community bond for the rest of the night.

Following that oneness exercise, came a beautiful four-course meal cooked up by chef Edwin Sandoval that paid homage to local produce and wild caught salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska – a meal with a story of its own.

During the meal, we were able to share another deep story of Guayaki’s and Come to Life’s mission to align with social and environmental activism in America while continuing to save the South American Atlantic rainforest. We invited Adam Lerner, Director and Chief Animator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, to the table to share his personal connection to the Caring 4 Denver bill. This initiative that will revolutionize mental health care and prisoner reintegration in Colorado’s capital city, is our focus for our Come To Life: Colorado event series, making this moment even more special. Lerner’s talk on how important mental health care reform is, especially pertinent to creatives, was incredibly touching as we sat among a room full of people in the arts.

Now with our souls united and spirits lifted high, the party blossomed with henna artists, aerialist performances, tarot readers, and cultural beats by DJ/artist/event organizers Sammy Steen, Swayló, and Capitán. Guests meandered between rooms of deep conversations, dazzling performances, airy dancing, and hangouts in the airstream outside all with Guayaki nitro yerba mate in hand. As we all swayed into the flow of the night, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the importance of having a good community.

And that’s the intention we have behind all of our events here for Come To Life: Colorado – bringing people together to inspire positive connections.

Thank you all for bringing your light to Swaylo Nights, and we hope to see you for the next month of our events!