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Sustainably Sourcing Yerba Mate in Paraguay

Take a journey with us to one of the sources of your favorite yerba mate! Meet the Fundacion Moises Bertoni (FMB), one of the most important and active nonprofits in Paraguay working to preserve and restore different areas of the country, including the Atlantic Rainforest where much of Guayakí’s yerba mate is grown.

Our 2022 Impact Report

We are proud to share our 2022 Impact Report (published in Spring 2023) which recounts the progress made during the year, and offers a glimpse into Guayakí’s future.

Come To Life with Guayakí Co-Founder, David Karr

A true visionary and guiding light of the regenerative movement, David Karr never ceases to inspire Team Guayakí. We are so grateful for his leadership, that we just had to celebrate his story and share it with you.

Come To Life with Guayakí Co-Founder, Alex Pryor

Guayakí wouldn't be here today without our co-founder, Alex Pryor!

Earth Day in the Garden

Collaborator Kenna Allison is here to show you how to upcycle your Guayakí goods and honor the Earth with these nifty DIYs

Endangered Species Conservation

Today we celebrate Endangered Species Day 2021 with a special focus on the incredible species that live amongst the rainforest where your yerba mate comes from. Detrimental human actions such as deforestation for agriculture and urbanization, poaching and timber exploitation, and climate change have impacted ecosystems and species all around the world, including the southern Atlantic Rainforest.

Azucar de Regeneracion

After water and yerba mate, sugar is a significant part of the supply web for Guayakí Yerba Mate ready-to-drink beverages. When you drink an organic Guayakí Yerba Mate, you support one of the largest regenerative sugar production projects in the world.