DIY TERERÉ Bottle Bird Feeders

Learn how to create these fun upcycled bird feeders using Guayakí’s glass Tereré bottles!

Turn Your Yerba Mate Bags Into Planters

What do you do with the bags when the mate has run dry? They may be shiny and sturdy looking, but they are actually biodegradable. My favorite thing to use them for: planters!

DIY Guayakí Can Hanging Planters

‘Tis the season for crafting, home improvement, and gardening. With coronavirus keeping us more stationary than usual, we’ve been focusing on fun ways to liven up our home.

Maple Mate Latte

We celebrate this sacred season by enjoying a delicious warm drink around the hearth that connects this flowing, sweet water from the maple trees of the northern hardwood forests down to the yerba mate leaves from the rainforests of South America....a maple mate latte with fresh sap right from the tap.

DIY: Upcycled Guayakí Garland

Reuse and upcycle your Guayakí cans & bottles to make this festive seasonal decoration

DIY Enlighten Mint with Guayakí

I got to work creating this very refreshing second best of Guayaki fan favorite ‘Enlighten Mint’. I think it’s a great alternative that is very close to the real deal. Keep reading to get the details on making your own and lets come to life together!

DIY Revel Berry

Back with another edition to my short series of DIY recipes to make homemade versions of Guayaki Yerba Mate’s famed can flavors. This recipe is to make fan favorite flavor Revel Berry, a sweet blend of mate with hibiscus, raspberry, and blackberry.

Yerba Mate Cacao Truffles

Treat your special someone to the gift of irresistible yerba mate truffles this Valentine's Day

DIY: Guayaki Can Luminaries

Upgrade your recycling game and transform your Guayakí cans into festive luminaries! Kenna Allison shows us how to bring your cans to life below.

Homemade Blackberry Mint Yerba Mate Popsicles

When I came across a new flavor in Guayaki’s line of sparkling mate, Blackberry Mint, it was love at first sight for me.

Yerba Mate Ice Cubes

Spring is finally here, and as it begins to warm up many of us will swap out our warm mugs with something cool and refreshing. When it comes to yerba mate there are many ways to consume the powerful plant.