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The Collaborator Project

Here we are today, announcing the launch of a new series, called Collaborator Project!

The Collaborator Project: Fantastic Negrito

Introducing episode 2 of The Collaborator Project featuring Fantastic Negrito. This episode is meant to exude the simple message that WE are all in this together. It’s about a man who struggled to “make it”, who “got it”, and then who lost it all, yet somehow managed to find his way back amidst these tumultuous times. The vast spectrum of his song crafting addresses both local and global affairs, while his community actions speak to the heart of the matter - we are all interdependent of one another.

The Collaborator Project: The Hill Street Country Club

In this latest episode of The Collaborator Project, founders of Hill Street Country Club Dinah Poellnitz and Margaret Hernandez from Oceanside, CA show us what it means to give the youth a voice through art while combating gentrification.

The Collaborator Project: Alfred Howard

As you may have heard recently, we are excited to kick off our new “Collaborator Project” series today, starting with the ever-legendary, Alfred Howard. We’d like to introduce him with this piece and invite you to tune in for a short film about Alfred to follow.

Evan Marks of The Ecology Center

In this film by Guayakí’s Cyrus Sutton, we explore Evan’s mission within The Ecology Center and show how each of us can cultivate a bright future.

Composting as Service

Composting is a practical act of transformation and creation. It is both art and science. And for some, like me, it is a duty and a means of showing gratitude.

Urban Farmer – A story by Hank Gaskell & Malia Lauer

Growing up with the lush landscapes of Maui as his backyard, Hank Gaskell has always had a deep appreciation for growing his own food. For Hank, it’s a way of life carried with him wherever his passions beckon.