Rising Appalachia

Come To Life Uruguay Earth Ship Convergence

We came together in celebration of mate, regeneration, and building Earthships with music and community as the focal point to this journey through South America.

Rising Appalachia – Harmonize Official Music Video

“Harmonize is a love song and a rite of passage to a higher form of love. It’s about the calling forth of truth, lust, inspiration, fantasy, and honesty from the depths of a person.

Permaculture Action Network: Mobilizing Thousands In Direct Action For The Regenerative Movement

Upon first thought the combination of permaculture and massive international music festivals may seem like an unlikely pairing.

Come To Life Salt Spring Island Convergence – Rising Appalachia Featuring La Charo : Medicine

On a beautiful summer’s day in 2018, hundreds of people gathered on Salt Spring Island to experience music and community in the golden glow of Stowel Lake Farm.

Rising Appalachia – Cuckoo Live

This is an old English/Appalachian folk song passed down to us by our mamma, full throttle and rowdy. Performed by many a folk singer throughout the times, we rewrote some of the words to include an homage to our godfather, Whitlock Connah, who was an incredible blues man and a huge influence in our musical life.

Rising Appalachia – Leaf, The Festival That Raised Us.

An artist watches their work up close during creation time and then unleashes it out into the world, never fully knowing where it lives or where its tendrils truly stretch.


As part of our month-long “Come To Life: Colorado” campaign, we’ve been hosting events and concerts to bring the Front Range community together to ultimately take steps to regenerate the Colorado community and show that taking positive action is possible.

I Am Only What You Are

“My world was blown open in summer 2016 while volunteering at Calais Jungle refugee camp in France. I woke to culture and language completely beyond my understanding, and also the simple power of humans making beauty together – from nothing” – Moira Smiley

Dustin Thomas Featuring Rising Appalachia – I Dreamed A Dream, Live On Lasqueti island

Come to Life presents “I Dreamed a Dream”, a new song from singer-songwriter Dustin Thomas that was recorded live on Lasqueti Island in BC.


By the candle light of a cool summer evening, a trio of singers gathered by the seaside to sing an old Irish folk tune in a sailboat anchored in the far islands of the Salish Sea.

Come To Life Presents | Rising Appalachia | Scale Down Music Video & Download

By the candle light of a cool summer evening, Rising Appalachia gathered by the seaside to sing while their sailboat anchored in the far islands of the Salish sea. The adventures that followed spanned many islands, many farms, and bridged many worlds and hearts.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 9 : We Growing Our Freedom, We Planting Our Seeds

In the sweet evening hours after a long weekend of shows this October 2017 for us and our dear friends Climbing Poetree, we all gathered in a beautiful backyard in Oakland, CA to relax, feast and tell stories from the road.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 8 : I Believe in Being Ready Live at the Yuba River

We landed at the Yuba river in Northern California after days down in the south, to return to the fire wrought lands and the beautiful wilds of this region. Our 2 night shows at the Grass Valley Center for the Arts was full of bright eyed souls, and on our afternoon off we sat and sang song on the polished stones and crystal waters of the Yuba River.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 7 : Arouna Diarra

I first met Arouna Diarra in Ghana in 2007. At the time he was in his early 20s and didn’t speak any English yet. We played a song together and the song translated to mean if you want to follow your destiny it’s up to you.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 5 : And We’ll Make A Mighty Roar

gathering steam through kindreds and kinfolk, friends and compatriots, game changers and the steady hands that uplift us along the route.

Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #4 – Biko

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to go home to my little cob house in Bolinas for a night between shows. I drove to the coast lifted by the beautiful energy of Petaluma. I felt the winds rock me and the smoke turned the moon red.

Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #3 Notes from Peteluma and the Wildfires

Sending enormous prayers to the communities engulfed in wildfire in NorCal right now. We spent the last 2 nights hosing down the yards, keeping eye on the burning ridges, and standing guard in the neighborhoods of Santa Rosa, while the residents kept watch on who would evacuate and who would stay.

Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #2 – Berkley & Hardly Strictly

SanFrancisco held us in its great arms of community power, diversity, and foggy light down Hardly Strictly lanes. Thousands of sweet faces swayed & danced with us while two lover hawks hunted-ducked & dived above head. Peaceful air show. Ancestors & signs of peace.

Alive Tour Diary #1 – Santa Cruz

First show on our Alive Tour at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz. Full moons and a mighty girth of fam’ in the room to swell and sing to the tides.