New York

The Importance of Urban Green Space – Save Elizabeth Street Garden

For Elizabeth Street Garden Executive Director Joseph Reiver, a sliver of green in Little Italy is his family’s treasure. “My father Allen Reiver built the Garden as an extension of his Elizabeth Street Gallery,” Joseph tells me.

New York City Foraging: A Connection To Nature In Human Jungle.

New York City is the type of place where if you want something, you can just reach out and grab it. Wild lettuce, chickweed, the common plantain, Japanese knotweed, and lamb’s quarters are all here for the taking, for those that know where to look and what they are looking for.

Everything is Temporary – The Loss of Urban Green Space And The Seventh And Final Season Of North Brooklyn Farm | Come to Life

Almost a decade ago, Henry Sweets was walking home by what was then the parking lot of Domino Sugar. He saw an expansive field of grass just blowing in the wind and he thought, “What if we filled this place with flowers?” In 2013, Sweets, along with co-founder Ryan Watson opened North Brooklyn Farms, a pop-up agricultural park and community space in Brooklyn.

The Tao of NYC’s Mushroom Farmers

“The mushroom and the fungus connect all life,” says Olga Tzogas, the founder of Smugtown Mushrooms, who means this in a literal sense. “It is the network of cells holding us together on many levels.

The Birds and the Bees: Bee Keeping in the Urban Jungle of NYC

The birds and the bees of New York City retain an enigmatic presence in the urban jungle. Pedestrians on the sidewalks fail to look up and notice the local pollinators flying above their heads or the interconnected rooftops, graveyards and hidden gardens, where urban beekeepers, wildflower advocates and community connectors are working to nourish the city’s local ecosystems.

These Female Farmers Are Feeding New York

To say that Amber Tamm Canty has a strong work ethic is an understatement. The New York farmer is up before 6 a.m. for a workout of crunches, plank poses, push ups and sun salutations before heading to the farm in Brewster, New York where she works to grow a plethora of flowers and produce.

#RegenerativeMovement – Share Your Story Today.

This summer, Come to Life is sharing stories about urban farmers and their amazing work with earth and community care. Over the month of July, Guayaki Yerba Mate is putting on an event series across New York City.