Woven With Light: An Interview with Artist Autumn Skye

Come To Life and Salt Spring Island’s Mateada teamed up for a sit down interview with artist Autumn Sky to hear her thoughts on identifying as an artist, art as therapy, visionary art, the balance of masculine and feminine, the artist’s role in regeneration, and more.

Ernesto Yerena: Art of Two Worlds

Artist and activist Ernesto Yerena Montejano experienced a childhood tethered by borders.

The Art Of Connection: An Interview with Skye Walker

Waves of color wash against a concrete canvas as muralist Skye Walker begins his work. Images begin to peak through the paint engulfed in vibrant tones of orange, blue and green.

Printed and Pressed: Print Austin & The Time-Honored Art Of Printmaking.

In Austin, each January marks an exciting time, a month filled with growth, educational opportunities and inspiration. Since 2013, PrintAustin, a nonprofit which aims to showcase both the traditional and modern styles of printmaking, has given local makers, as well as print artists around the US, a place to showcase their work during its annual festival.

Youth in Revolt – An Interview With Victoria Canal

The narrative of young people showing up to lead is not a new phenomenon- in the past few years alone Malala Yousafzai, Emma Gonzalez, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (to name a few) have become household names.

Street Artist Birdcap – On Community and Not Losing Hope

“I like the idea of street art and mural work… it enters your space, you don’t enter its space. They hit you before you’ve had your coffee. It could be something real quiet or mundane but just the idea that you might wonder what a sentient donut would talk about- like, that’s enough to just lower your blood pressure for a second.” -Michael Roy AKA Birdcap

I Am Only What You Are

“My world was blown open in summer 2016 while volunteering at Calais Jungle refugee camp in France. I woke to culture and language completely beyond my understanding, and also the simple power of humans making beauty together – from nothing” – Moira Smiley