The Soil Story with Pashon Murray

“Right now there’s too much carbon in our atmosphere. But carbon is not the enemy, it’s the building block of life. Everything alive is made of carbon, it’s us. The problem and the solution are a simple matter of balance.” – Pashon Murray of Detroit Dirt

Evan Marks of The Ecology Center – A Film By Cyrus Sutton

Evan Marks is a creative force whose passion lies in connecting people to nature through the edible landscapes he co-creates.

SIMS -Providing Mental Health and Substance-Abuse Recovery To Musicians In Austin Texas

Founded in 1995, the Austin-based SIMS Foundation is the first musician-geared support service in the city, offering mental health and substance-abuse recovery aid to musicians, music industry professionals and their families.

Intertwined By Art: Get To Know SprATX

SprATX, a creative agency in Austin, Texas, has been connecting artists throughout the world—such as streets artists and muralists—with opportunities for growth and financial support.

Seeds of Freedom feat. Manu Chao | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Our frineds over at Playing for Change Just launched there new video Seeds Of Freedom,” by Manu Chao and our sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith.

Come To Life Colorado – Featuring Rising Appalachia & Lyla June – September 28th & 29th

This September and October, Guayaki Yerba Mate presents “Come To Life Colorado” featuring gatherings, action days, and partnership events with nonprofits to bring awareness to the importance of regenerating communities.

Luke Wallace – Farmland First – Save the Peace Valley

North America is entering an era of cheap, low impact energy production through the creation of wind and solar farms, tidal energy facilities and geothermal power plants. Every month, the cost to produce these renewable energies falls.