Come To Life Uruguay Earth Ship Convergence

We came together in celebration of mate, regeneration, and building Earthships with music and community as the focal point to this journey through South America.

Premiere – Richard Vagner Featuring Trevor Hall – ARCHES Music Video

Richard is an accomplished violinist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who mixes classical and modern music in his work.

Ley Line – Grounded By Community In Austin Texas.

For Austin-based band, Ley Line, community is everything. Made up of two musical pairs, Kate Robberson and Emilie Basez and twin sisters Madeleine and Lydia Froncek, the women feel grateful to live in a city that supports their work as creatives and allows them to continue to share their stories through music, something they feel is integral and inherent to the human experience.

Rising Appalachia – Harmonize Official Music Video

“Harmonize is a love song and a rite of passage to a higher form of love. It’s about the calling forth of truth, lust, inspiration, fantasy, and honesty from the depths of a person.

“What on Earth” A New Album from Luke Wallace

Luke Wallace, 26, has made a name for himself in communities all over western North America. Since the age of 16, Luke has been writing songs rooted in unity and a love for the planet, using his music to draw attention to critical social justice and environmental battles.

Woven With Light: An Interview with Artist Autumn Skye

Come To Life and Salt Spring Island’s Mateada teamed up for a sit down interview with artist Autumn Skye to hear her thoughts on identifying as an artist, art as therapy, visionary art, the balance of masculine and feminine, the artist’s role in regeneration, and more.

Elevated Dreams: A Q+A with O2 Treehouse Founder Dustin Feider

Over the last 14 years, Oakland-based O2 Treehouse has constructed structures all over the world with the purpose of further bridging the gap between man and nature, fostering harmony, and enhancing relationships through time spent at new heights.

Ernesto Yerena: Art of Two Worlds

Artist and activist Ernesto Yerena Montejano experienced a childhood tethered by borders.

The Power of Plants: A Conversation with Argentine muralist KOKON

Argentine muralist Daniel Ephraim, internationally known as KOKON, has been praised for his colorful nature-inspired art.

Masauko – Ilala Live

May 19th is the anniversary of Malcolm X’s birthday. Come to Life is honoring this day with the release of “Ilala”, the first single from Masauko’s upcoming self-titled record.

The Art Of Connection: An Interview with Skye Walker

Waves of color wash against a concrete canvas as muralist Skye Walker begins his work. Images begin to peak through the paint engulfed in vibrant tones of orange, blue and green.

Luke Wallace – Sons and Daughters | Free Download

Having worked with activist and musician Luke Wallace for the past 5 years, we’ve come to see him as a true ally in the regenerative movement.

Cyrus Sutton’s I Am This Is a Centering Masterpiece On Universal Connection

Cyrus Sutton got his start in filmmaking 17 years ago, a time when “the culture of consuming media was vastly different,” before Facebook, Instagram and YouTube engulfed public consciousness.

Changing Lives One Can Of Spray Paint At A Time At Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Austin. A three-story paint park in the charming Old Austin Clarksville neighborhood, it has become an epicenter for connection, education and creativity, welcoming nearly 500 visitors a day.

Come To Life Salt Spring Island Convergence – Rising Appalachia Featuring La Charo : Medicine

On a beautiful summer’s day in 2018, hundreds of people gathered on Salt Spring Island to experience music and community in the golden glow of Stowel Lake Farm.

Crush Walls Street Art Recap.

It’s early fall – the beginning of September to be precise- and all around Denver’s RiNo Art District the sound of rattling spray cans reverberates through the air.

Printed and Pressed: Print Austin & The Time-Honored Art Of Printmaking.

In Austin, each January marks an exciting time, a month filled with growth, educational opportunities and inspiration. Since 2013, PrintAustin, a nonprofit which aims to showcase both the traditional and modern styles of printmaking, has given local makers, as well as print artists around the US, a place to showcase their work during its annual festival.

Come to Life Presents: Masauko – An Album By Masauko Chipembere | OUT NOW

The album’s creation finds its roots back during the US Presidential elections of November 2016 when Masauko was invited to a jam session on Salt Spring Island, Canada.

Rising Appalachia – Cuckoo Live

This is an old English/Appalachian folk song passed down to us by our mamma, full throttle and rowdy. Performed by many a folk singer throughout the times, we rewrote some of the words to include an homage to our godfather, Whitlock Connah, who was an incredible blues man and a huge influence in our musical life.

Wild Honey “When the Walls Come Crashing Down” by Samuel Lockridge

This song was written by one of my favorite living songwriters, Samuel Lockridge in 2012. The haunting melody and stark poetry gripped me immediately, and I’ve been singing it ever since.

Rising Appalachia – Leaf, The Festival That Raised Us.

An artist watches their work up close during creation time and then unleashes it out into the world, never fully knowing where it lives or where its tendrils truly stretch.

Peia – Ciamara ní Mi Live Performance

Here’s a new video featuring our dear friend Peia, shot live in the Siskiyou mountains of Oregon. Peia will be bringing her songs and stories to New York next month for Changing Tides, a fundraiser for our underwater relatives and the Salish Sea.

Youth in Revolt – An Interview With Victoria Canal

The narrative of young people showing up to lead is not a new phenomenon- in the past few years alone Malala Yousafzai, Emma Gonzalez, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (to name a few) have become household names.


As part of our month-long “Come To Life: Colorado” campaign, we’ve been hosting events and concerts to bring the Front Range community together to ultimately take steps to regenerate the Colorado community and show that taking positive action is possible.

Street Artist Birdcap – On Community and Not Losing Hope

“I like the idea of street art and mural work… it enters your space, you don’t enter its space. They hit you before you’ve had your coffee. It could be something real quiet or mundane but just the idea that you might wonder what a sentient donut would talk about- like, that’s enough to just lower your blood pressure for a second.” -Michael Roy AKA Birdcap

Uniting the Denver Community at Swaylo Nights

In a neighborhood surrounded by construction, the old synagogue that has been reborn as one of Denver’s most unique and intimate venues, Invisible City, is hard to find. Maybe that’s the point.

Graffiti Artist Tuke – The Journey Home

This month we will be diving deep into the stories of several system affected people who have broken their cycles of incarceration by discovering various forms of regenerative healing, helping them to take back their lives and become important contributors to their communities.

Trevor Hall – A Reminder – Live Performance

Rare is it that an artist can capture your heart as well as intrigue your mind by infusing soothing and inspiring music with a message. Trevor Hall is a talented singer-songwriter who achieves all of this and more.

Trevor Hall – Fruitful Darkness Album Release Recap

Come To Life had the pleasure of supporting Trevor Hall earlier this summer, partnering with him on his album release show at No Vacancy in Hollywood. While we were getting ready for what turned out to be a magical night to remember, we sat down and interviewed Trevor.

I Am Only What You Are

“My world was blown open in summer 2016 while volunteering at Calais Jungle refugee camp in France. I woke to culture and language completely beyond my understanding, and also the simple power of humans making beauty together – from nothing” – Moira Smiley

Dustin Thomas Featuring Rising Appalachia – I Dreamed A Dream, Live On Lasqueti island

Come to Life presents “I Dreamed a Dream”, a new song from singer-songwriter Dustin Thomas that was recorded live on Lasqueti Island in BC.

Peia O’er the Land, O’er the Sea

O’er the Land, O’er the Sea is a song I wrote several years ago while living in a little cabin in Southern Oregon. After many years of travels and study, I finally rooted down, creating a home for myself and finding my kin. This song was inspired by the feeling of finally coming home after a long journey, and by the beautiful way of life I witnessed in the community surrounding me.


By the candle light of a cool summer evening, a trio of singers gathered by the seaside to sing an old Irish folk tune in a sailboat anchored in the far islands of the Salish Sea.

Luke Wallace – I Am Not Lost

We recorded I Am Not Lost in Dodge Cove on Digby Island, a small island community of 40 people located across the harbour from Prince Rupert in Tsimshian territory.

Luke Wallace “Us” Album Out Now.

Us is a collection of live songs recorded over a period of 6 months in communities all over the West Coast of North America. In this record are the voices of hundreds of people fighting to protect the planet earth and the systems that sustain them.

Luke Wallace Feat Raging Grannies – Petro Blues

The Raging Grannies are a radical choir of progressive grandmothers based on Salt Spring Island, BC, in Saanich and Cowichan Territory.

Turning the Tide – Luke Wallace

Recording Turning the Tide on Salt Spring island was a truly memorable night. The turnout was amazing and the energy in our wide circle reflected the shared love that we all have for the Salish Sea.

Luke Wallace | Ready for the Revolution

In every corner of the world, people of all ages and backgrounds are bursting at the seams with love, frustration, hope and fear. There is an energetic pressure that is building in the hearts and minds of folks who are ready for a sweeping and fundamental shift in the way humanity exists and progresses.

Come To Life Presents | Rising Appalachia | Scale Down Music Video

By the candle light of a cool summer evening, Rising Appalachia gathered by the seaside to sing while their sailboat anchored in the far islands of the Salish sea. The adventures that followed spanned many islands, many farms, and bridged many worlds and hearts.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 9 : We Growing Our Freedom, We Planting Our Seeds

In the sweet evening hours after a long weekend of shows this October 2017 for us and our dear friends Climbing Poetree, we all gathered in a beautiful backyard in Oakland, CA to relax, feast and tell stories from the road.

Peia : Come Muses, Inspiration, Breath… Change Made Step By Step

The wheel turns as we reap the last of the autumn harvest. A chapter closes in this story of life-long devotion to song, and I commence communion with the muses once more. Here in a cabin in the woods, stirred only by the hum of a hummingbird, drinking at my window….at last time to steady, digest and rest.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 8 : I Believe in Being Ready Live at the Yuba River

We landed at the Yuba river in Northern California after days down in the south, to return to the fire wrought lands and the beautiful wilds of this region. Our 2 night shows at the Grass Valley Center for the Arts was full of bright eyed souls, and on our afternoon off we sat and sang song on the polished stones and crystal waters of the Yuba River.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 7 : Arouna Diarra

I first met Arouna Diarra in Ghana in 2007. At the time he was in his early 20s and didn’t speak any English yet. We played a song together and the song translated to mean if you want to follow your destiny it’s up to you.

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 6: We Find Our Packs

Rising Appalachia - Alive Tour Diary 6 : We Find Our Packs

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour Diary 5 : And We’ll Make A Mighty Roar

gathering steam through kindreds and kinfolk, friends and compatriots, game changers and the steady hands that uplift us along the route.

Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #4 – Biko

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to go home to my little cob house in Bolinas for a night between shows. I drove to the coast lifted by the beautiful energy of Petaluma. I felt the winds rock me and the smoke turned the moon red.

Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #3 Notes from Peteluma and the Wildfires

Sending enormous prayers to the communities engulfed in wildfire in NorCal right now. We spent the last 2 nights hosing down the yards, keeping eye on the burning ridges, and standing guard in the neighborhoods of Santa Rosa, while the residents kept watch on who would evacuate and who would stay.

Rising Appalachia : Alive Tour Diary #2 – Berkley & Hardly Strictly

San Francisco held us in its great arms of community power, diversity, and foggy light down Hardly Strictly lanes. Thousands of sweet faces swayed & danced with us while two lover hawks hunted-ducked & dived above head. Peaceful air show. Ancestors & signs of peace.

Alive Tour Diary #1 – Santa Cruz

First show on our Alive Tour at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz. Full moons and a mighty girth of fam’ in the room to swell and sing to the tides.

Birth Of Come To Life Music | Out Of A Jam

Birth Of Come To Life Music

Rising Appalachia – Alive Tour & Album

Crafted from 2 years of stage serenades from across North America, we give to you our 7th album, ALIVE.