Tamo Campos

Location: "Waste Veggie Oil" Powered Ambulance

Tamo Campos is a social justice activist, professional snowboarder, and filmmaker. Whether it’s riding volcano craters in Patagonia on his snowboard, participating in direct actions to confront climate change back home or inspiring crowds at universities, events and high schools, Campos has carved a creative blend of adventure and positive change. In 2013, he co-founded the group Beyond Boarding, a collective of snowboarders, artists, and activists that combine their love for the outdoors with environmental projects.

Campos is also the director of two international award winning films: A Last Stand For Lelu & Northern Grease. The films touch on indigenous land defense, climate change, environmental degradation and energy solutions.


There is nothing like shredding through a deciduous forest in the wintertime. No leaves means big open turns in the woods. It also means the odd chance of finding yourself in a birch tree grove with chaga mushrooms growing on the trees. Harvesting chaga is a great way to add immune boosting medicine to your mate gourd.

Home brewed Micro Medicine Mate

  1. Chaga is a tough mushroom and if you're harvesting don't forget to bring a knife or hatchet.
  2. Once you've harvested the mushroom you can dry it out in small chunks. Use a cheese grater to grate it into water and steep the tea for about 20-30 minutes before pouring it into your mate gourd. Just like mate you can reuse the ground several times!
  3. Remember birch trees are living beings and chaga is a finite resource, therefore, it should be harvested in a careful, sustainable manner. Make sure to leave 15-20% of the chaga intact and never cut into the tree.
  4. Chaga has been harvested, maintained, and used for thousands of years by indigenous communities. Make sure to check in and ask for permission before harvesting!