Gauchos del Mar

The Gauchos del Mar, Julian and Joaquin Azulay on the beach in Argentina with their surfboards looking for waves to surf.

Julian and Joaquin Azulay are two Argentinean brothers born in a family with tradition and passion for surfing. In 1963, their Dad, and three of his friends became surf pioneers in Argentina.  Julian Azulay studied architecture and Joaquin Azulay is a former professional football (soccer) player with a Business Administration degree.

Motivated by their passion for surfing, adventure and nature they begun what became their life journey on July 8th, 2010 driving from California back home to Argentina while surfing and camping all the way down. In Baja California they were given the name “Gauchos Del Mar” for being Argentinians, drinking mate and spending the whole day in the water. As a result of this trip they produced the first of five documentaries. They’ve been in more than 40 countries, traveling by plane, by car, by truck, by boat, by foot, but always as good gauchos, with mate in their bag.

During their travels they noticed there was a dormant part of themselves strongly related to social, cultural and environmental issues.  This way, and without even noticing it, they found their passion for communicating these type of messages through their films.

Since then they have committed to surf the world interacting with its different cultures, learning from them, sharing an environmental and a non-consumer orientated message, and transmitting a simple and healthy way of living in harmony with nature.

The brothers are currently working on producing a web series for Guayakí called “Viaje del Mate”, coming soon. For now, visit their Vimeo page for a full library of incredible films.



There is so much more to mate than a quick caffeine fix...

  1. Fill up the porongo (gourd or mate drinking vessel of choice) 2/3 full of Guayaki Yerba Mate.
  2. Heat up one liter of water at around 80 degrees celcius, or when you start to see the small bubbles. Never boil the water you will pour on your mate because it will burn it and take out all the flavor.
  3. Put almost all the yerba mate on one side and leave a hole on the other basically.
  4. Slowly start pouring water at room temperature (not hot yet!) bit by bit and wait for the yerba mate to soak up some of the water. This will protect the leaves from burning.
  5. Once the yerba mate has absorbed that water, you can start adding hot water to one side only. Keep half the leaves on the top dry. More on this later...
  6. Now it is time to put the bombilla where the hot water was poured. Then pour some more hot water after placing the bombilla into the leaves to help keep it in place, but remember always to leave the other side of the leaves dry for now.
  7. Drink you first mate, then pour water again and pass it to a friend who will then pass it back. You'll refill it with hot water and pass it to the next friend.
  8. Once the flavor of the yerba is diminishing, after 3/4 of a liter of water approximately, you can spin the mate vessel around to get into the leaves that have gone untouched. You should take the bombilla out and put it where the dry mate is off to the side and at the same time you move the dry mate towards the side where the water was being poured before. By doing this you can get back some flavor of the mate which was disappearing.
  9. Once you have finished drinking, throw the used mate in your garden or compost. Don't forget to clean the porongo because if it stays humid for an extended amount of time, then your next mate will not taste very nice.