Francisque Sanchez


Francisque is a traveling photographer & writer based in the heart of the French countryside.

At one point, he spent five years on the road traveling from the far north of Scotland to the south of Spain, and then from Eastern European countries back to his home in France, capturing fine art images as well as lifestyle and commercial work. A vagabond finding comfort in unusual places, such as sleeping in the back of his retrofitted car from busy cities to quiet river beds. He recently returned from driving cross-country from Pennsylvania to California in an old pick-up truck, chronicling stories and photos for Guayaki all along the way.

Nowadays, you can probably catch him by the fire drinking some yerba mate while cooking up some new adventures.


French Spice Yerba Mate Latte

  1. Add 2-5 tbsp of Guayaki loose leaf to a French Press, douse in cold water to preserve the nutrients and flavor of the leaves. Then pour simmering water into your French Press and let the yerba brew for 5 minutes.
  2. In your favorite cup or jar add a pinch of cinnamon to spice it up. Optionally you can grind some fresh turmeric and ginger for anti-inflammatory benefits and an extra spicy boost.
  3. Pour the yerba mate into the cup and add your favorite milk or plant-based milk plus a splash of agave nectar or the sweetener of your choice.
  4. Sit back somewhere cozy and come to life!