Evan Marks

Southern California

Serving as the Executive Director of The Ecology Center, Evan Marks believes in a world that gives more than it takes. With his background in permaculture and agroecology, and, having worked extensively in California and Hawaii and internationally in Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Ghana and Nigeria, Evan Marks knows that people have the ability to directly impact the environment through individual change

Based in San Juan Capistrano, The Ecology Center is a non-profit educational center, that engages individuals, families, and students in fun, hands-on activities that teach practical, environmental solutions at the household and community level. On a mission to provide creative solutions for thriving on planet earth, they believe everyone should have access to the tools, knowledge, and skills that promote healthy communities and an abundant future for all.


Evan now resides just down the highway from The Ecology Center in Oceanside, CA with family. They have turned their property into an urban homestead, complete with edible gardens, rainwater catchment systems, chickens, and an outdoor living space larger than the indoor space.

Be sure to visit The Ecology Center and share a mate with Evan whenever you’re passing through San Juan Capistrano!

Watch our Come To Life film about Evan Marks here.


How To Make a Seed Ball

Become a guerrilla gardener by planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables wherever you go.

  1. MATERIALS NEEDED: 3 parts dry red clay, 2 parts organic compost, 1 part small seeds – greens or any kind of native plant, spray bottle with water, bucket
  2. Start by composting. An easy thing to compost is already brewed loose leaf yerba mate. Even after brewing, the leaves are nutrient rich and perfect for a rich compost base.
  3. To make the seed ball mixture, combine 3 pinches of clay, 2 pinches of compost, and one pinch of seeds in your hand.
  4. Spray a little water on the mix until sticky.
  5. Roll into a ball.
  6. Let it dry fully.
  7. Toss the ball into whatever landscape you see fit for a little extra veg!