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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Dakine Beckman

As I trudged through the rainforest the rare birds and animals chirped loudly from all angles.  The sun desperately tried to reach me through the forest of the the beautiful Yerba trees.  Each step I took brought me to a near peaceful place that has only visited me in my dreams.  My eyes were become as sharp as an eagle's.  My ears were alive with sounds unheard to most men.  My heart was pounding with sheer happiness.  Where was I?  And why was I suddenly feeling sad?  Ah yes, I was in my living room and I had just finished the last sip of my Guayaki Yerba Mate.  And as quick as the last sip was gone, I was transported from the rainforest back to my couch.  Should I venture into the rainforest again this morning?  No, I will save that adventure for tomorrow morning as I enjoy another cup of the yerba mate!
Dakine Beckman



I like hot tea so one day I was in the Vitamin Store and tried a Yerba Mate not yours but another brand and it was OK when I ran out I went looking for it again and came across GUAYAKI Yerba Mate and loved it I have so much energy and I feel great I will never go back to another brand. I have got my mother and daughter drinking it now also. Sinerely, Joyce


I am writing to tell you how much I love your products. I remember the first time these products came out. I was in Jimbo's market in San Diego California and along came this kind gentleman who was traveling by bus marketing the Guaki Products. I must have talked to him for about thirty minutes. Ever since then I have been telling everyone about it. Where ever I go I am always raving about your products. I give store owners your information so they can carry it in their store. I have seen so many people lose weight from your products that just feel better, have more energy, more vitality and endurance. I no longer drink any coffee and I only need to drink half the bottle and IT LASTS ALL DAY! I think you should be in every health food store and grocery store in America. Thank you so much for bringing such a healthy wholesome product to the market. Jennifer

G Rat


i first had mate in a cup of morning thunder i really dug the taste its been hard to track down in the local stores so out one day i saw a bag that caught my eye the fact that by purchsing this yerba mate goes to a good cause had me sold it has replaced alot of my tea and coffee cravings which ive been drinking both all my life right now ive been brewing it in the coffee maker but cant wait to get a french press to really TASTE the goodness please send my deepest thanx to all of the staff and hard workers and families that make this experience possible cheers ...

Victoria Young


I tried your product at a heavy metal concert. I enjoyed the taste of Mind Pure. I also it gave me engery to enjoy the late hour of the show. I also so have allergenic asthma to certain smoked herbs. I hold the drink helped me deal with the smoke. I'm now activitely looking for it at my local stores to drink at work.


United States of America

Everybody at school calls me The Falcon. I am 13 years old and absolutely love bottled Yerba Mate Pure Heart! One fine summer day before heading down to the beach, I drank a whole bottle of Yerba Mate Endurance. I felt a surge of energy rush up and down my body! I went to the beach, and took my boogie boarding to the next level. I caught the greenish blue waves, and rode to shore. I had a wild tiger attitude! It went like this for one and a half hours straight: I ran into the water, hopped on my board, rode the wave, and ran back into the water. I loved it, and thought, nothing could stop me now. Of course there was, and I had to leave even though I still wanted to keep going. I felt great afterwards, and refreshed… Thanks to Guayaki! P.S. I cannot wait for Guayaki Pure Heart tea bags.

Andrew Ezekiel Michael French

United States of America

I live what I consider to be a neo-nomadic lifestyle. I have lived from the great plains of Wyoming, foot hills of Colorado, the lush forests of Oregon, and the humid lands of the Carolinas' and beyond. With such a movement oriented mode of being I seek out constant energy support, and have been content for years upon years with the wondrous elixir of Yerba Mate. After my initial introduction to the drink in Cheyenne I quickly discovered the best quality and availability in Guayaki's Organic products. In Corvallis I would enjoyed a raspberry revolution before class. In Fort Collins pure passion became a daily ritual. In West Colombia I enjoyed loose San Mateo with a splash of lemon through a bombilla. Now, in Pueblo Pure Endurance gets me through every day of dusty work in this desert. And I can already see my distant future in Bellingham fueled by pure mind. Yes my friends, I declare, there is no drink better suited for this wonderful life, than Guayaki Yerba Mate.

Robert Grieco


Hello everyone! I heard about Mate in late 2007 I believe, and I have been curious ever since then. A group of my friends went and saw a movie and relaxed with a gourd. I was fairly upset that I missed it. Recently I was searching the internet for a place to purchase some good quality loose teas. I stumbled upon a site that sold loose leaf Yerba Mate. Right away I clicked on the link and to my astonishment they were selling 2oz of Pure Yerba Mate for around $5. (Thats an 1/8th of a pound!) I was upset and thought all mate would be so expensive, until I wandered into a Whole Foods Market in Torrance, CA. I was with my Mother and we are both huge tea fanatics so we were picking out our monthly tea when I noticed a small bag of Guayakí Yerba Mate! I immedately grabbed for it and checked the price. It was only $9.99 for a half pound. I left that store completly forgetting to pick out my other teas, just wondering what it would taste like. (This was about a week ago) Now I can't say Guayakí Yerba Mate has changed my life, but I can say every morning since I bought the bag of mate I have had at least 1 or 2 cups with a friend. I don't have a gourd yet but I plan on purchasing one within the week! Now Mate can't replace all the wonderful teas that I own but I can say that it replaced Coffee, soda, and anything with Caffine 100%. Sine I don't have a gourd yet, or a bombilla that works (the one I made becomes clogged to easily), I have been making my Mate either in a tea steep, or a coffee maker. Since it is summer and I am one of the few people in High School who is not attending summer school I can say the mornings are going by much smoother with a cup of Mate and a small group of friends to enjoy it with. Thank you all for making such a great product, and protecting the environment, Robert

Thomas Gallo

United States

Mate is Sacred Open a bottle, or brew a warm cup, its enough to lift your spirit way up high in the canopy of emerald leaves from where is born this sacred tea To share with your body, your spirit and mind a wisdom transcending all space and all time



Hi there, I wanted to share my experience with you and Yerba Mate' tea. My Great Grandmother, who was born in Naples, Italy, drank Yerba Mate' every day of her long 89 year life. As a small child, and then as a young adult, some of my fondest memories are sitting with my grandma, drinking a pot of Mate' tea. We shared wonderful talks, made unforgettable memories, and I learned so much about her and my family history over our beloved pot of tea. Now, as a mother of a 10 year old, we too, have begun this wonderful tradition that my Grandma began with me those many years ago. My daughter loves Mate' tea as much as I do, and we dring it everyday. And thanks to the tea bags, we have it while we travel, too. Your tea is wonderful; amazing! I do not drink coffee, so I love that I can have this everyday as an alternative. It is refreshing, healthy, and something I am happy and proud to have passed on to my daughter. Thanks! Keep up the good work. And may you always make wonderful memories with those you love~

Thomas Baker


Guyaki Yerba Mate' has changed my life. My allergies have become minimal, I have lost 10 pounds in three weeks consuming mate' 3 times a day and my overall energy and zest for life have improved tremendously. I started back running where before i just did not have the energy thank you for a wonderful product.

I'm a massage therapist and needed to take a CPR class.

One student had a bag of finely chopped up green stuff from South America. He told me all about it,the ritual drinking etc. and had actually been to the region. I was too pre occupied with my business and drank green/ginseng tea anyway,so this mate fell by the wayside. I live in a pocket of rural tranquility..by a river..next to sprawl...but a nearby deli(with free range chickens in a big park!)has just started carrying the Guayaki Yerba Mate drink. Two of the employees and I love it. I've tried no less than 21 energy drinks,but this is the best. I'm part Yaqui Indian and I'm really glad that the Ache tribe can hopefully flourish(unlike parts of South America where oil drilling has messed up the environment and the people get paid off :/ Thanx!  -- murray flock

No More Itchy Eyes!

I felt a great difference because I have terrible allergies, and I want you to know that it has really controlled them.

I recently purchased the Guayakí tea. I would like to let you know that it is wonderful! I felt a great difference because I have terrible allergies, and I want you to know that it has really controlled them. I don't even get the itchy eyes to say the least. My energy levels have gone to the roof and I feel like I could run a marathon and win!
J Salazar

Ed B.

Large Water Please


I just want a large hot water...

Unless of course you will Pack me  a Gourd or kindly put 6 Guayaki Mate bags in my Large hot water.


OK, thanks for the Water....I'll get my own buzz.

Guayaki Rules!

Thanks for the loving energy!


What a gift this tea is!

I have come to cherish the whole Mate' experience. It occurs to me every time I use my gourd how ceremonious this simple fortunate to have become aquainted with Guayakí Yerba Mate!
My name is Suzi. I am writing to you from beautiful Portland, Oregon. I would like to share my Mate' story with you. I was first introduced to Mate' while working at a breakfast and lunch cafe about a year and a half ago. It was a very busy, crowded, extremely demanding (and cramped!) place to work. The money was great, but the working conditions were tough for me and after awhile, I found it difficult to stay in a good mood, no matter how hard I tried. Coffee worked for the breakfast rush, but by lunchtime (which was even busier and more hectic), I was pretty snappy and irritable. I also tried an assortment of green teas - which I enjoyed - yet they seemed to lack a strong enough "punch" to get me through my shift. One co-worker would share her Kava Kava with me, and Godsend! Now, this was late October when I was first introduced to Guayaki Yerba Mate' and it became my beverage of choice from then on. Late Spring rolled around, and it was another fellow co-worker who unknowingly aquainted me with the next gorgeous dimension of this wonderful plant! Bob was curious as to why I was not suffering from my usual bout of hayfever, which we both had in common. There he was, wheezing and sneezing, and itching which would be the norm for us both at this time of year, but I was fine! Now, I need to explain here that I get hayfever really, really bad. I get all the normal symptoms while I'm in the city, and then it gets worse because I own a horse! I am allergic to hay, but it's what I must feed my horse, and when I'm in direct contact with this grass, it can get ugly!! My eyes can water and swell shut and crust over. My lungs tighten and it gets difficult to breathe. Anywhere the hay might touch my skin gets incredible plant. What a gift this tea is! Infact, I am so confident that the Mate is taking care of me that I make a strong Mate' and Nettle iced tea, and take it with me to a field of waist-high grass, where wearing a tank top and shorts, I run and dance and play in the sun, drinking this tea with not one welt or wheeze. It is a miracle! My roommate is with me; he has often witnessed my allergy attacks and has been bewildered that someone could get so sick from something as simple as grass. He is so apprehensive on this day and he thinks I'm a fool, but as the day goes by, and I am allergy free, he has no choice but to join me in praising the many qualities of this plant! Well, here Iam now, eighteen months later. I no longer work in the cafe. I work at a natural foods co-op. For Christmas, I received a gourd and bombilla, and I have come to cherish the whole Mate' experience. It occurs to me every time I use my gourd how ceremonious this simple fortunate to have become aquainted with Guayakí Yerba Mate! And I look forward to all of the health and never ending discoveries that this amazing plant has to offer! Thank you very much.
Suzi (March 2, 02)

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