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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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United States

Here is a picture of me at the Walk for Water 2011 in Portland, OR. We were walking to bring water to the coffee growing region of Africa. They were giving out free cans of Guayaki mate. My sister-in-law originally got me hooked on your mate (tea bags, loose-leaf, and cans) about a year ago so I was thrilled to see lots of other people drinking them at the walk. I also wrote a review of your drinks on my website and I'm hoping to be able to sell your drinks via my business to my co-workers, family, friends, and online customers. I also have a great Chai Mate recipe on my website at http://www.bugeah.com/recipe_chai_mate_latte_0001.html Keep up the awesome work! Oh, by the way, I do not like that your Pure Mind bottled mate has mint in it. I love pomegranate juice and ginko and all that, but I didn't realize it had mint in it until I drank it and it was not a pleasant surprise. 


United States

I love Guayaki! Keep doing what your doing and never stop!


United States

Since my 2-week trip to Brazil in 2010, I have been drinking yerba-mate almost twice or three times every week. I love the rich, unique flovor that Guayaki Mate brings out in their teas. I use the loose-leaf mate for my gourd and bombilla, and I also buy the mate in tea bags. I use the tea bags when I don't have the time to make the traditional loose-leaf tea in the gourd. Thank you Guayaki for making what I would call the best Yerba Mate in the world!

Marc Hammond


Guayaki Yerba is one of my favourite drinks.. EVER! I was first introduced to them in a corner store, now I find myself buying a new case every week. The berry flavour in the cans are the best! I highly recommend trying ANY flavour, they're all amazing! 

Having a Cuppa

The only two fail-safe ways I found to treat my symptoms of ADD and focus clearly have been exercise and drinking Yerba Mate tea.

Having a Cuppa


Cat by Cat  July 15th, 2010
37.7699, -122.467174

The only two fail-safe ways I found to treat my symptoms of ADD and focus clearly have been exercise and drinking Yerba Mate tea.

Coming up at NightLife, Guayaki will be hosting a tasting of their Yerba Mate tea. Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is a small evergreen tree of the holly family found in the forests of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Yerba mate is packed with nutrition – 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and antioxidants as well as caffeine. Its function as a stimulant paired with its balancing nutrition makes it a great substitute for coffee. There are six commonly used stimulants globally: Yerba mate, coffee, kola nut, cocoa and guarana. I have loved seeing this product become more readily available in San Francisco as Yerba mate has been one of my staples for years. It was recommended by my doctor to wean myself off of Ritalin.

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at sixteen and was put on Ritalin for treatment. ADD is one of the only recognized neurological mapped learning disorders. Research links ADD with a strong neurobiological basis affecting the frontal lobe as well as dopamine transporters. Heredity is the leading cause for ADD and is the reason I have it. My brother was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) just before me. The disorder is also seen on both sides of my family. Smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy can also lead to ADD in offspring. Symptoms of ADD can be seen as inattention, hyperactivity, and distractibility. Research theories believe those with ADD show high restlessness and hyperactivity because it helps them increase dopamine levels in order to sustain mental functioning. Stimulant medications like Ritalin are successful for treating the symptoms of ADD because they provide the boost needed to focus. Stimulants act as a focusing and calming panacea for the symptoms.

I took Ritalin for five years. It got me through high school and my first year of college and I came to hate it. With Ritalin, I knew when it was in my system and when it was not and the transition was jarring. If I took it too late at night, I would be up all night. As a stimulant, Ritalin is also an appetite suppressant and after years of sleepless nights and very little appetite, I wanted another way to treat my ADD.

I tried various vitamins and combinations of food. The only two fail-safe ways I found to treat symptoms and focus clearly have been exercise and drinking Yerba Mate tea. Both give the same effect of clearing my mind enough to be lucid and focused for a few hours. I often walk everywhere and drink Yerba Mate tea several times a day. ADD isn't limited to the childhood years as most people believe but if you do have the disorder you learn to work with it and find ways to compensate. From my experience from many trials and errors, a walk or a cuppa usually provide enough of a boost in order to concentrate.

If you are interested in learning more about Attention Deficit Disorder, my bible growing up was CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) newsletters. They now can be found online.



I adore your green tea. It's never bitter, and tastes wonderful. Equally important, I LOVE your mission to make our earth a better place. Thank you!

Alex Mittelman


I first discovered your product at Whole Foods, and was so excited when they started selling it at Ralph's. I absolutely love the different flavors and blends, and can feel the balanced energy flowing through my body. My favorite blends are the Pure Endurance and the Pure Mind. I use the Pure Mind before I have a major test to study for, and Pure Endurance before all hiking and exercise activity!

Lisa Opris


I started drinking yerba matte about 6 years ago when a friend suggested it to me. I've been addicted ever since. I have 2 or 3 a day!

chris egan


your drink is possably the best energy drink ever it keeps you going all day with no crash it is a must for me to go to the beach i actually will not go right now because i lost the bombila to my gourd. i as a teen have to say its way better than energy drinks in a can (other than the steas that has Guayaki yerba extract) and a million times better than the five hour power shots. (taste like 2 oz of crud) by the way yerba makes caffine more potent. i never go to the beach without yerba i even took it on a class trip everyone called the yerba gourd a pimp cup because it is. from the mate pimp daddy ps to all those new to mate its said mah-tay

A. Smith


Dear Mate, you know I love you... and I'm ready to take the next step...do you wanna move in together? xoxo

Barbara Duvall


I am a high school teacher at a continuation school and while the nature of the teaching profession is typically and universally demanding, the scope and complexity of my students needs provide further challenges that can drain body, mind, and spirit. It is critical, therefore, that I keep myself optimally healthy and my mind sharp and alert, my spirit centered, calm, and focused. Otherwise, not only do I become stressed out, I cannot be effective in my classroom. Guayaki Yerba Mate tea is my drink of choice on a daily basis, not only as a much healthier alternative to coffee and many of the other bottled teas which are loaded with sugar and chemical additives, but as an enhancement to my healthy lifestyle and natural,vegan diet, providing beneficial antioxidants, energy, and mental clarity. Yerba Mate tea (hot or cold) in the morning quickly clears my mind of any lingering sleepy fog and I become focused and functional without the typical caffeine rush or coffee jitters. Nor do I experience a caffeine crash  a bottle of Yerba Mate tea (easy and convenient to put in with my lunch) gives me a nice pick me up in the afternoon. Once more, I truly believe that I have fewer problems with allergies and respiratory problems because I drink Yerba Mate tea. More importantly, I incorporate sustainability and stewardship of the planet into the lessons I teach my students and use Guayaki as a model of a profitable company that produces a healthy product while maintaining the philosophy that we are all responsible for the health of the earth and for each other. Thank you for your excellent product.



Twenty years ago my sister moved away to Los Angeles when she got married. we had been very close growing up, and it was difficult to be so far apart. We have done our best to stay close through the years, sending cards and letters and emails, and chatting on the phone. We visit occaisionally, but its still not easy to be apart now that I live in Washington, DC. My sister knows how much I love tea, and for my birthday this year, she sent me a package of your Guyaki Yerba Mate Tea and a lovely set of mugs. I brought the tea to work and added it to the collection of teas in my office cabinet. On one of the gloomiest mornings of the spring I decided to try this new tea. I prepared my cup and added the tea bag and some honey and sampled the flavor. I was delighted to find that the rich, full flavor also had a soothing quality to it. My job is very stressful, and I found that this tea really helped me to gently mellow out yet feel fabulously clear. Was this tea making me happy? Not possible, I thought, but each time I drink it I can only describe the feeling that comes over me as calm contentment. I'm not someone who needs a cup of coffee in the morning to be able to function, and I drink tea only when I am in the mood for a cup. But now I look forward to having a cup of this tea on mornings when I am feeling stressed or want some help in feeling more centered. I thanked my sister for sending me this lovely tea that helps me to maintain positive energy, and when I drink it now I feel closer to her which only adds to the happiness. I'd like to also say thank you to you for offering such a lovely product. In a world that can be so negative at times, its nice to find a healthy product that makes you feel good to be alive. I need to find a place to buy it in my neighborhood because I'm almost finished with the package that she sent me. Evelyn Bourne



I'm writing to thank you for your amazing, life-changing product. I honestly believe yerba mate is a potion, rather than a tea! The last few years have been rocky ones, dealing with depression, substance abuse and a substantial weight gain. A few months ago I decided to take a stand and end my destructive attitude towards life. I drink your product (my favorite so far is Pure Empower Mint teabags) multiple times a day, and I can feel the yerba mate pulling me up. I see my life more clearly, and understand that I am truly blessed. This tea gives me focus to think positively, energy to enjoy life and a new attitude about healthy lifestyle. I recommend Guayaki to all my friends, and I'm happy to say that my mom is a new customer! Also, I am no longer using alcohol as a means of "relief;" instead I make a pot of tea and make a night out of it! Thanks so much for your product; it has made such a significant impact in my life and best of all, it's delicious!! Love, Hannah

Louisa Solomon


I am the lead singer in an indie rock band in Brooklyn, NY and injured my vocal cords right before our last national tour. As a lifelong coffee addict, I was devastated when the first thing my ENT told me to do was STOP DRINKING COFFEE alltogether. I woke up depressed and lethargic every day until I discovered Guayaki Mate at the health food deli near my apartment. I would never go back to coffee now -- it aggravates my throat and makes me tense. Mate makes me feel awake, alive, and still hydrated and relaxed! Who knew? I advertise it at every gig!

robert muszynski

united states

On Sunday April 19th I took a casual ride to Occidental, Ca to check out the new pub. As I sipped my beer and watched the baseball game on the TV, I happened to strike up a conversation with Rick (or Richard). He was a LA Dodger fan and I am an Oakland A's fan. We got to talking about the old days when the A's were great. We were trying to think of the relief pitcher that did so well for the A's in the 1970s. All Rick could come up with is that "he had a long name". I couldn't think of it either. I asked Rick what he did for a living (that's what guys do). He said that he was part owner of Guayaki Yerba Mate Bar in Sebastopol. I had no idea what this stuff was but I had seen the building while driving through town. I congradulated Rick on working on a project that was environmentally friendly. Later that day I went to Olivers market in santa rosa and while shopping, picked up a bottle of the raspberry flavored drink from Guayaki. Soon after finishing the drink, it came to me!!! Dennis Eckersly. I think he went to the Yankees after that. I really hope I win your contest because everything I said is true...ask rick.

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