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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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Headache Relief



I really love the bottled Guayaki Traditional Mate, but find it is slightly too sweet. Obviously, it has way fewer sugar carbs than most beverage products and is way better for your health, but I would like to see its sugar content reduced by another gram or two per serving. Then it would be perfect! Or perhaps the use of a lower glycemic index sweetener than the cane juice. Maybe something like blue agave nectar, if affordable. At any rate, I want to learn to brew my own Traditional Mate using your bulk loose leaf mate and wondered if you can give me a recipe. I believe I will be drinking this for the rest of my life. I can't tell you how much I love it, but it's just too expensive to drink it as much as I want if I have to buy the bottled drinks all the time. That said, I wish every convenience store on the planet had the bottled mate for sale. I travel a lot and I can hardly, if ever, find it. I crave it when I want a refreshing pick-me-up drink. I feel so much better drinking it than a bottled tea or a bottled coffee or cup of coffee. I would love to help you get this product on more store shelves.



i tried the yerba mate and it did help with headaches, and gave me energy without feeling jittery. I have also been stressed and anxious lately it helps to "level" you out!

jolene olson

united states

I used to drink coffee every morning for my morning pick me up. I started getting ocular migraines from too much caffeine. When I switched to Yerba Mate my migraines went away but I still got my morning pick me up the natural way.

Matt Tomasino


After battling the ups and downs of three to four cups of coffee a day I went 'cold turkey' and gave it up. Almost immediately I was suffering from a pounding headache and extreme exhaustion. Stumbling to my local health food store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan I was in search of anything that would make the pain go away. Guayaki's colorful non-mainstream label immediately caught my eye. After reading the 70mg of caffeine per serving that was all I needed and purchased Pure Endurance. Popping open the cap I could smell a faint citrus as I brought it to my mouth. The taste was slightly sweet and slightly bitter with a tinge of tropical nectar that made me raise an eyebrow as I swallowed and perused the label once again. Ginseng? Himilayan Crystal Salt? What was this Yerba Mate formula? Shortly after finishing the brew I peeled off the label and took it to my office for internet research but before I even got halfway I felt a spring in my step. Then I shook my head. No headache. I guessed the caffeine was working but I didn't feel jittery. I felt good. I felt strong. Throughout the day my energy didnt peak and crash it stayed steady. I couldnt believe how calmly energetic I was while all my workmates were hankering for their next cup of joe to get over the afternoon dolldrums. It was as if I'd discovered a secret potion. Now I am an avid drinker with many of my peers in tow. My children call me Guayaki Man and share my other favorite flavor Pure Mind Pomegranite with Ginkgo Biloba and Tulsi. They like to sing our made up Guayaki call every morning. They yell at the top of their lungs, "GOOOOYAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"and then beg me for a sip. Guayaki really saved my coffee addiction and added something else to my life I never thought I could find in a simple tea...health, vitality and happiness. Thanks Guayaki for an outstanding product. Matt Tomasino New York, New York



Dear Guayaki, Since I was 8 years old I suffered from migraines. The most terrible kind. I vomited EVERYTIME I got one. Since I was 8! I could be outside for what 5 minutes then I would feel it coming on. Always in less than 12 hours I would have a full blown migraine and be vomiting viciously for at least 1 hour or more. As a child and teen, I never played outside or hung out with my friends because of it. In 2007 I was diagnosed with IC and the rx I have to take makes those migraines EVEN WORSE! If it was not for Guayaki I would not be able to function at all. I am not just saying that either, I literally mean it. The worst thing about having migraines is not the intolerance to light or smells, or the splitting, agonizing pounding when any slight sound is made, it is not even the vomiting and nausea that lasts for hours on end...for me it is the hearbreaking sadness of my poor little girls not being able to play or talk to or sing to their mommy let alone even come near me because of it. I thank GOD all the time for finding Guayaki. I don't care if it sounds like I'm going overboard or making this up, I really do know that this helps me. I have tried soooo many things for migraines over the years and NOTHING, I mean nothing helps like Gauyaki. If I have not had one in over a day, I literally and indefinately can expect a headache to turn into a migraine. THANK YOU Guayaki, thank you so much. I wish I had found your products so much sooner. You really are the best, and I wish more knew about you.~Migraine free Andrea

My headache was completely gone and I felt great!

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 I woke up with a massive headache. I took the sinus medication I had but it had no effect. I seriously considered calling in sick but decided to go on it anyway. Today was a big day for me because I had decided the night before to bring a 4 cup coffee maker and my Guayaki Yerba Mate to work with me. I wanted to drink a nutritious drink at work instead of all the diet coke I normally drink. After one pot of Yerba Mate, my headache was completely gone and I felt great. I was ready for a productive day at work. Now I drink a pot or two every day for my health and to get me going in the morning. Taking care of headaches was an unexpected benefit but one I am very happy to experience. --Thomas M. Davis

Allergy headaches?

My 13 year old son is also a big fan of Mate. He'll finish his, and when i'm not looking, he'll drink mine!!
One spring morning Seattle 1999, at work I was again suffering with yet another allergy headache, when my boss walked into the area, and we start talking about how bad our allergys were at this time of year. He said he noticed a big difference in the subsiding of his allergies when he drank the drink of the people, in Paraguay, South America, after spending some time there. Yerba Mate! He said, then he told me of the health benifits and preparation of it, and of a health food store in the area I could purchase some.
Well here it is 2002, my new home is Arizona, and I still enjoy Hot Mate in the morning, or iced later in the day. My 13 year old son is also a big fan of Mate. He'll finish his, and when i'm not looking, he'll drink mine!! I use a drip coffee maker just for the Mate only, lining with brown unbleached filter. Adding loose Mate, About 2-3 heaping tblspoons per person, or to taste for your mood that day, adding as much or as little water as you wish. Today I will make enough for 8, refridgerating the rest, leaving it in the glass container. I always drink Mate from a glass container, never plastic, (as it will pull impurites from plastic.)
We enjoy: -2/3 Mate -honey or stevia (as a sweetner) to taste -Oat milk or Vanilla soy, rice or almond milk creamer, to taste
I also like the way this drink will get me through, that low blood sugar, between meals feeling. It really "feeds me", and pulls me out of it. I am gratful to "all" involed in the discovery and creation of this delightful and healing drink, Thank-you So Much!!!!  --  Jill Ann- Phoenix Arizona (March 18, 2002)

This Stuff is Truly Amazing

Hi, I know this is the most random question or whatnot. But I work at Wild By Nature, a health food store in Long Island, NY. A woman came in today and gave out free samples of the yerba  mate, wow this stuff is truely amazing.
All morning I had been feeling really tired and had a terrible headache but after I drank the  mate, I felt nearly 100% better. I bought a bag on my way home and have had a few cups. I went through the website and read the pamphlet, not only does the mate taste great, make you feel great and is good for you, it good for the environment and the native people.
Peace and Best Wishes,
Rachel Harris      2004-02-17

It lessened to near rid my headache and gave me added energy.

In one taste, Guayakí instantly became one of my favorite teas!
It lessened to near rid my headache and gave me added energy.
Guayakí is a wonderful tea product!
I tried it for the first time today as a latté (with soy milk and honey). It has a delectable taste.

V.J. Hinckson, Bronx, NY (November 11, 02)

My headaches started to go away...

A friend of mine asked me to try Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea instead of coffee.
It all started when I told my friend of my terrible migraine headaches that would last several days with excruciating intensity. I was a coffee drinker. I did not think much of it because it was only two or three cups a day. Normal, right? I used to smoke cigarettes and thought that was the major culprit of my migraines and when I quit I did not notice a difference. I quit smoking for several months(now a year!) and still no improvement in my headaches.
I was at a health food store that I will not mention and saw your tea. I decided to try it. It was in bulk form and it was a little intimidating at first. I bought it and my friend had already given me a bombilla ( straw like device for straining mate) and tried it. It took a couple of weeks but then I noticed several diferences in my health and something I had never expected to gain from Guayaki. First instead of making my stomach feel upset like with coffee I felt better like it was good for my digestion, just sort of a general pleasant feeling in my stomach. I have never felt that from any other tea or coffee. I noticed a sustained gentle boost of energy but more than energy was the mental sharpness that I liked from coffee but without the jitters. I could sleep better also. I felt in a better mood but felt no dependence or addiction like coffee.Most of the most noticible improvement took place about a month after usage.
Then it I noticed the most incredible unexpected benifit! My headaches started to go away. First the frequency and duration decreased. To the point now where I very rarely have headaches and they are not as intense as before either. It is truly amazing. I had tried many things to help my headaches to no avail. Fish Oil and Flax Oil, Noni extract. I tried Feverfew Herb with little results, various other supplements with the only relief from pain medications that I would rather have not taken. I was getting a migraine almost once a week with a duration of 2-4 days each occurance. So I would seriously reccomend people to use a product like Guayakí Yerba Mate tea. It has truly changed my life and relieved what was becoming a serious problem!  --  Robert Barry (December 2, 02)



Dear Gauyaki- I normally don't drink coffee or tea much. Caffeine tends to make me feel weird and jittery. But a few months, for some reason I was compelled to try your Yerba Mate. Surprisingly I really enjoyed it, without any caffeine side effects. But the real reason I'm writing you is because I discovered that it's an amazing cure for my monthly headaches. This is a huge deal. It clears my head, and completely relieves the headache. And it's not something that just happened once on a fluke. I tested it multiple times before I wrote you guys. It still amazes me each time. Just wanted to say thank you. -kim New York, NY

Mate In My Life

About 10 months ago I could no longer ignore the affects that drinking coffee was having on my health. Headaches, TMJ and many other aspects were continually aggravated by the intake of 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. Having been a coffee drinker for over 28 years (started when I was 12), it was a difficult but necessary decision to cut this out of my life. Looking for a substitute, which seemed an impossible task, at my local Trader Joe's I see a yellow bag that claim's "Feel The Good Energy". Okay, let's give it try. Home I go, every morning drink my tea, and within a week, all thought or desire for coffee is erased from my mind. No withdrawal headaches, nothing. I can't believe it! I feel great. My TMJ is diminished to barely there. I was watching my diet as well and I was having success there too. It was great. I loved my Guayakí (Chai Spice  mate is my favorite). It provided me with a sense of well being and a sustained "bright" energy, not an edgy spiky kind. But it was part of many good things going on, so I did not see it for what it really was.  -- Sean P.