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Guayakí Yerba Mate - A Powerful Rainforest Experience

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United States

Great for keeping on task with college coursework. Keeps you focused without any sugar rush and available in convenient cans.



I just wanted to say that I am very grateful for Guayaki for making yerba mate in ready to brew tea bags! I have been a coffee drinker for years, but last year was diagnosed with stage-4 lymphoma, and during an intense regamine of chemo therapy was unable to drink coffee because it upset my stomach. I tried Guayaki yerba mate at the suggestion of a friend, and not only didn't get an upset stomach, but got an energy boost that helped me through the day! Well, it's been a year now, and I am in complete remission from the cancer, and am now an avid fan of Guayaki tea bags - I hardly ever drink coffee any more! Thanks Guayaki, Jeff Sherman

About a year ago, I realized I had to give up coffee...

due to all the side effects I was experiencing-most notably, anxiety and sleeplessness. I like a little bit of a boost in the morning and a friend suggested Yerba Mate. I looked around and was very impressed by the practices of Guayaki, and, upon trying it, was even more impressed with the taste! At first I tried the bags and enjoyed them a great deal. Then a friend brought me a gourd and a bombilla from Uruguay and my experience with mate was brought to a whole new level. Now I get up a little earlier each day so I can sit and enjoy my mate in the morning. It gives me a little bit of a lift without any of the jitteriness and anxiety, nor does it have the inevitable crash associated with caffeine. Also, since drinking mate on a regular basis, I've noticed an improvement in my energy overall as well as my digestion! It seems as though there are a number of mate brands popping up on the market, but Guayaki is the only one that is that dedicated to fair trade and sustainable practices-two things that are very important to me. Thanks very much. Stephanie -- Tucson AZ.   2005-08-26

Why I changed to Yerba mate...it's simple.

I had been a coffee drinker from my school days. When someone told me it wasn't good for me I stopped, cold turkey. I was sick for two weeks with nausea, dizziness and headaches.
After being caffeine free for a couple years I read about how good green tea was for you, so I started drinking green tea. But then when someone told me to go online and read about yerba mate I flipped and immediately began drinking mate. Why would anyone want to drink anything else when you know the benefits?!
The most significant thing I have noticed for me personally is a change in my chronic constipation. I have always been a constipated type person, even as a child, and my kids, too, have the same type of hard, dry, stools. But since I started drinking mate I have had regular, normal bowel movements! I'm 51 years old, so that's a miracle!
Thanks for helping make it available to us!
I'm grateful! Linda Perkins
PS: I have done fulltime volunteer missionary work for 31 years now. I lived two years in Colombia, and 12 years in Mexico. I am now in the USA. I know many missionaries in Brazil and Argentina who have used yerbamate for years and I never understood why they drank it until recently.


United States Of America

When I was 22 years old I was diagnosed with Ulceritive Colitis A Intestinal disease that is treatable but not cureable. I sufered all the symptoms & embarisment until I finally went to a Gastrointernalogist, turns out he was the first of many that I ended up seeing. After all he colonoscopy's, pills, enemas & supposatories I quit using my meds out of frustration because nothing was helping my stomach. One day at work a customer came in & I offered him A cup of coffee, He denied & replied that it is bad for us & he drinks tea that has digestional track benefits, I then inquired with interest. Later that day he brought me a sample. I tried It for a couple weeks & realized all my symptoms of my illness have dissappeared. I did not get to experience the "Magic" of this tea until I was 32 years old but I am 34 now & as long as I drink my tea I am well. I have shared the tea with other sufferers of the same illness & they too have been effected in a positive way. Thank you for being there, my life is so much easier now in that aspect.


My name is annie, i am 28, and i have suffered from sever gastrointestinal
Disease since i was 9. I have been to every gi specialist, taken every drug
They said would "treat my symptoms ," tried all the "special diets" ( which
By the way were, in my opinion, torture in themselves ). No matter who i went
To, or which hospital i was in, nothing brought any relief to the horrible
Cramping, relentless nausea, vomiting, bleeding of the esophagus & colon, and
Overwhelming exashtion that had become my everyday life. I was told by my
Specialist that he had run out of ideas, and treatments, that due to the rare
Degenerate disease that usually only occurs in people over the age of 65+,
That i, at age 28, being a single parent of a beautiful 7 year old daughter,
Should seriously consider "getting my affairs in order". I was devastated,
But about a week later i was in a store in sandpoint, id , and over heard a
Woman talking about yerba mate', and how it helped her in her fight against
Colon cancer, and "saved " her. I bought 5 bags of yerba mate' that day, i
Started drinking that minute! I cannot tell you how profound the effects of
Drinking the tea for only 3 days, that was the first entire day that i had
Gone without throwing up in over 11 years! Over the next month i honestly
Could feel my body healing, i had energy, no nausea, no cramping, i truly
Felt good! I didn't have to pretend to be ok anymore, i really was, and my
Daughter knew it to! I guess that's why i wanted to write you, for the last
Two years my child has lived in fear that her mommy was going to go away, and
After returning to my gi dr. And seeing my test result, and watching his
Absolute disbelief of my present condition, i can look into my baby's eyes
And honestly tell her, that mommy won't be going anywhere, and she can look
Deep into my eyes, and not be afraid anymore. My dr. Says that what appears
To be a satisfactory prognosis, is nothing short of a miracle.

Just aren't any words, that can express how thankful i, am, have met that
Woman, that brought the "drink of the god's " into my life. Thank-you !! 

Stress Free, no allergies, better digestion.

Hi! I'm just writing to tell you how wonderful I think your tea is. I bought it last week. When I took my first sip, I didn't like the taste, but the more I kept drinking, the more I got used to it. And now I find it delicious! Not only that, but it clears up my allergies and I've lost weight since I've been drinking a cup every morning. It has also helped tremendously with my stomach/intestinal problems related to stress. Thank you so much for making this available!
Lynn Houston (April 4, 02)